Newspapers publish Hi Point St news

March 30, 2018

Links to this site appear in the March 29 2018 issue on page S12 of the                         USC Daily Trojan Housing Guide 2018

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE DETAILS CITY LOS ANGELES SUED OVER HOUSING DISCRIMINATION “Will this Court order all Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite/Blacks across America to be lynched because this Court feels Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite/Blacks are not entitled to protection under the United States Constitution and all laws?”  Court document 120, filed 10-11-17, page ID 2747-2748.

See the online issue of Random Lengths news [of San Pedro], Feb . 22 issue and page 17.

To see additional discussions about what is fair housing and to see copies of posted Videos, click   Youtube channel “Davey GJuanvalldez”

Los Angeles- On January 31, 2018, during the course of a tenant requested inspection of the 1522 Hi Point St property, the owners management company prevented the city code inspector from entering unit 9 and prevented the inspection of the intercom and CO2 smoke alarm. The city also refused to cite the owner for the abandoned vehicle that has been on the property for over three years. With the refusal of the inspection of the CO2 detector—which is there for the safety of white tenants—could there be illegal drugs or some other unsafe contraptions being stored in that vehicle? Like they say, whites will endanger the health and safety of their own kind in order to retaliate against Blacks.

Other newspapers who have published articles on 1522 Hi Point St Apts include the San Diego Reader and the USC Daily Trojan.

It was the management company Williams Real Estate Advisors Inc. and property owner Walter Barratt who intentionally failed to alert tenants and applicants to the threat of terrorism in the building. Matt Williams and Walter Barratt are members of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles.

News of this site appeared in the Feb. 22, 2018 online issue of Random Lengths News [of San Pedro] in a full page article on page 17. Random Lengths News boasts of 2500 online readers and is distributed 22,500 copies to 300 locations including restaurants, public buildings, colleges, retailers, and union halls.



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