Anatomy of LA code violation complaint

Old Street View 1522 Hi Point Pic

Circa 2014 picture 1522 Hi Point St 90035 showing available intercom system and available tandem parking.

How can a tenant qualify for intercom repair?

How can a tenant qualify for tandem parking?


Lack of city employee diligent enforcement – recall of Tolentino outside yelling

From: GJohnson (      )



Date: Friday, January 24, 2020, 05:17 PM PST

“…Code Enforcement aims to preserve and enhance the safety, appearance and economic stability of our community through the diligent enforcement of applicable ordinances and land use regulations.” City Los Angeles government website.

TO: Courtney Doran Gloria Torres Mariana Lamb Lisa Romero– Martinez Marina Lem Roberto Aldape Lydia Perez Lydia Pena Daniel B Gomez, Erika Garcia Donya Plazo Jorge de la Torre Robert Galardi Javier Melendez Brian Beltran Norman Koplan ; David Zaitz; Nell Dizon; Glender Chu; Elva Valdovinas; Marcella DeShurley ; Emma Garcia; Susan Gosden ;Rushmore Cervantes, Lilly Fuentes Claudia Monterrosa Laura K Gugliemo, Bessie Corrales, Sally Richman, Alfonso Perez, Sharon Lowe, Luz Santiago, Lyndon Salvador Zachary Millet Rosa Benavides, Greg Kung

This shall constitute my response to any (and) all phone calls, voice messages, or otherwise that have been received from city employees. This shall also be a recall of any and all filed rent stabilization complaints and code violations complaints, for which in this email where services have not been restored or provided, then such issues are open and pending.

As for any RSD complaints, I have repeatedly asked the RSD to conduct an investigation and communication with me, by first class mail. I have not recently received any first class mail from the city RSD as to rent RSD complaints, therefore the RSD has not respected my wishes as a tenant. If the RSD has a practice not to communicate with tenants by first class mail, then that practice needs to be changed. As for the RSD issues and the matter of rent reimbursement, since 2014, maintenance to the intercom system still has not been restored to tenants unit 9 (while fifteen other tenants have working intercoms); the intercom box outside the building is for the use of the tenants, guests, and the public.

“…RSO complaint city number CE248605…”

The intercom box on the outside of the building is not fully functioning since 2014.      I reference including but not limited to RSO complaint city number CE248605, that complaint includes the REAP complaint, rent drop box removal, reduced maintenance to the intercom system and reduction of tandem parking; illegal rent increases, and refusal to reimburse for reduction of housing services. Recently it has been brought to my attention by city UNNC member Raheem Dawson that the city employees routinely exclude residents from services,  so I can see this as proof why the city HCIDLA refuses to exert diligence in these matters.


For the services complained about in this email, I will be filing new complaints. I always as part of my legal research show tenants how not to take landlords to court because it is like spinning the dice: there is no guarantee they will win. Even if a tenant is right and goes to court, they will risk the Judge ruling against them and they will have a judgment on their record. Because the laws are skewed in favor (of) the landlord in this regard, it may be best to vacate before court day and avoid eviction on the tenant record. But I also advise tenants that if nothing else seems to be working, maybe court is the answer. The intercom system, as pictures on the internet show, was available at the inception of my tenancy. The tandem parking, as indicated in my rent agreement and the CFO for the building, was available at the inception of my tenancy.

The code enforcement complaints. I have been over some of these issues over and over since 2015. The intercom still has not been restored to working order. Tandem parking has still not been restored even though there is repeatedly tandem stalls available. We have still not received rent reimbursements. The city government has refused to tell me in this rent controlled building how we can qualify for intercom maintenance and tandem parking. As Raheem Dawson would say, the lack of diligence on the part of city employees is intentional.

I note that in regards the 100 of so code violation complaints re this address, the issues are not resolved. I note that code enforcement inspector (Luis) Tolentino appears to have been at the front of the building and left a voice mail that he was out front on January 23, 2020. The phone number left was 818-756-1417.

“…If the city employees said, “Mr. Johnson, we are ordering the repair of your intercom to be completed by tomorrow” and “Mr. Johnson, we are ordering the owner to assign you a tandem parking stall and rent reimbursements for both due by tomorrow”, that does not take 15 minutes to declare…”

Questions about the Tolentino visit. Even though I have filed over 100 code violation complaints, and many of them over 2000 words each submitted thru the city website, my impression having talked with inspectors in person at least six times, I find that the inspectors seem to not have a copy of the complaint with them. This is unfortunate. I have tried numerous means of communicating with the city including emails, faxes, robocalls, voicemails, US mail, and I have said repeatedly, I will not be present for any code violation inspections, and that you should contact the owner or manager. The Health and Safety code below gives the code inspectors the authority in the absence of a complaint, and absence of the complainant (me). Yet code enforcement has repeatedly disregarded my wishes and repeatedly abuses taxpayer dollars by repeatedly calling me, etc for an inspection. Besides the approximate six times I have talked to code violation inspectors, because of renovations in the rest of the building, inspectors have been on the property I estimate another 42 times, so they would have actual and constructive knowledge of the problems I complain about. I appeared at the appeal of the THP public hearing and the capital improvements appeal public hearing, further proof that I do not have to keep making the city aware of the issues. If the city employees said, “Mr. Johnson, we are ordering the repair of your intercom to be completed by tomorrow” and “Mr. Johnson, we are ordering the owner to assign you a tandem parking stall and rent reimbursements for both due by tomorrow”, that does not take 15 minutes to declare. But the city employees would rather spend day after day after day coming out to the site to waste taxpayer dollars with no services restored, phone call after phone call. Not on my watch. If there is a magic number of complaints I need to file, let me know.

Further, I have repeatedly told the city the intercom does not work. On the outside of the building, it may make a buzz when you push it, but it does not respond inside the unit. So if someone is outside pushing the button, I will not hear it. On January 23, if the inspector was outside pushing the button, I would not have known. I have repeatedly in my emails and code violation complaints, given the city the entry code to the property which is 1967e. That means on January 23 the inspector, rather than stand outside calling me on the phone, could have used the entry code, entered the building and inspected it, and if needed, he could have knocked on my door. See if he used the entry code to open the front door, and wanted to test the intercom while I am not home, he could push the button and he would not hear it ring in my unit. Because the door of my unit is twelve feet from the front door of the building. So he would be able to test it in that way. Of course Tolentino, not being a diligent employee, did not do that.

If he had entered the building, after I provided the city a picture of the rent drop box, he would see the drop box had been removed, and no rent reduction has been provided. He can see the intercom control panel from the street.

Now Tolentino knows what my relatives and quests experience when they cannot use the intercom to reach me.

I will be filing another code violation complaint.


All rights reserved.

Geary Juan Johnson
aka G. Juan Johnson
1522 Hi Point St #9
Los Angeles CA 90035
Phone ( )

Health and Safety Code

17920. As used in this part:
(a) “Approved” means acceptable to the department.
(b) “Building” means a structure subject to this part.
(c) “Building standard” means building standard as defined in Section 18909.
(d) “Department” means the Department of Housing and Community Development.

(e) “Enforcement” means diligent effort to secure compliance, including review of plans and permit applications, response to complaints, citation of violations, and other legal process. Except as otherwise provided in this part, “enforcement” may, but need not, include inspections of existing buildings on which no complaint or permit application has been filed, and effort to secure compliance as to these existing buildings.

(Editor note: I have long supported a law that will require all owners of multi-family dwellings to be present for all violation complaint inspections, or face a fine. The tenant should not be forced to be present for code violation complaints. This email is based on documents to the city government which can be seen at city CPRA 20-195

( ). Also based on city code violation complaint 750967)

2019-3-6 Pics Inspection Unit 9 at 9 of 10

Power Property Management Group Trespassers Caught on Camera. March 6, 2019 at 1:25 pm at 1522 Hi Point St 90035 as released to the Mayor and Council for the Public Record. The worker refused to address the intercom and parking complaints.


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