Corruption under Eric Garcetti

City funded neighborhood council admits election fix

LOS ANGELES- Corruption exists around the current 2020 election. Members of the local Olympic Park Neighborhood Council (“OPNC”) admitted placing internet ads to favor five out of six candidates for the Council District 10 seat. Such internet ads were designed to give unfair advantage to candidates Mark Ridley-Thomas, Aura Vasquez, Channing L. Martinez, Grace Yoo, and Melvin Snell. The OPNC admitted they purposely excluded candidate G. Juan Johnson from all internet ads. The OPNC participated with numerous other neighborhood councils and improperly used city government resources that violated the city ethics code as well as the city elections code.

Candidate G. Juan Johnson, a write-in candidate,  who said he was denied equal participation,  called the actions of candidates and neighborhood councils “a despicable abuse of tax dollars” and said,

“This is proof of government corruption and further proof of Mayor Eric Garcetti and council corrupt tampering with the election process. The OPNC ran an ad that appeared on the internet advertising the January 25 2020 candidate forum that was sponsored by numerous neighborhood councils and the FAME church. On January 6, 2020 I qualified as a write-in candidate. But you notice I do not appear in the ad because I was excluded from the forum. But notice the ad is clearly from the Olympic Park Neighborhood Council and you can see the seal of the City government at the top and the address of the city Empowerment Department at the bottom. Clear proof of the city government improper influence of the election process. Denial of equal opportunity to me using government monies. You can call it by any name you want, yes, it is a form of unlawful discrimination (because such laws protect a class of people and other laws protect individual rights) participated in by city government employees, church officials, and other community groups. Can anyone see this besides me? This invalidates the election. Such free advertising to those candidates the city hand picked, was not afforded to me. Yes, the mayor and council knew because I told them before it happened. And the candidates that participated in this devilish wrongdoing knew also, and that is exactly the corruption that they will continue if they get into office.”

Each city neighborhood council receives $42,000 in city funds every year. None of the offices of the council members had any comment. City clerk CPRA documents show that candidate Johnson complained about the abuse of tax dollars before the forum was held but city officials took no action.

Johnson added, “It particularly looks like county supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas participated in the misuse of government monies which would be a violation of the county ethics code.”

OPNC members include Mitch Edelson, Sarah Song, Hank Williams, Milton Gaines, Arturo Ibarro, Avi Jhingan, Gemma Jimenez, Michale Latner, Ramsay Goyal, Nathan Freeman, Michael Hagerty, Gerry Pass.

“…such free advertising to those candidates the city hand picked, was not afforded to me…”

January 27, 2020


Logo for the group that denied equal opportunity to certified candidate G. Juan Johnson. Numerous other city funded groups participated. Such councils receive $42,000 a year in city tax dollars.


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