Department Fair Employment and Housing Rental Complaints 2020

This page is in the process of being updated . For further background info in the meantime,  click on this page link New racism charges filed against Power Property Management Inc 

The Power of Racism is Among Us

Names of DFEH employees

Names of PPM employees etc.

Names of Los Angeles Mayor and Council

Names of tenants

The staff of councilperson Herb Wesson includes:

Shawn Love ,Wallace Deron Williams, Andrew Westall, Edward Johnson, Justin Wesson ,Jordan Beroukhim, Michael Tonetti ,Sophie Gilchrist , Jasmyne Cannick, Gladys Espinoza, Alvinette Strong, Joe Torres, Sylvia Lacy, Kimani Black, Elizabeth Carlin, Vincent Burditt , Billie Green, Albert Lord ,Cairo Rodriguez, Jamie Hwang ,Jeff Camp, Jonathan Mitchell