LA mayor race heats up amid racism and corruption

Los Angeles- The 2022 election heats up amid housing discrimination and government corruption charges.

Subject: “Code Violation Complaint 808802 filed against Hi Point 1522 LLC – Vote No to Nury Martinez”

From: GJohnson( )


Date: Thursday, February 17, 2022, 11:36 PM PST

Subject Line: Vote No on Nury Martinez Power grab on the Backs of CD10 Residents!

I write to respectfully request that you oppose Nury Martinez’s motion (Council File: 22-0174) to appoint termed out Herb Wesson to the CD10 seat.

This is a power play to tie up another vote to consolidate her power and help in her bid to become acting mayor – which would erode checks and balances at City Hall.

There has been no transparency or public process that seeks feedback from CD10 residents!

Any person she appoints would be beholden to Martinez – not accountable to 10th District constituents. Please vote no on any appointment motion.
Thank you for your consideration.

G. Juan Johnson

Los Angeles, CA 90035

Phone ()
(Also see city clerk records request (CPRA )request 22-1672 – dated 2/17/22)

Ref: Mayoral Candidates LA 2022:

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(Attached) 2022-2-17 LA Code Violation Complaint 808802.pdf

LA Code Violation Complaint 808802*

(See below)

Communications to the Public

A Critical Eye on Feuer

Re: “LA Has Big Problems,”

RLN, Nov. 25- Dec 15 (2021)

I have little faith in the “career politicians” in the crowded field of mayoral candidates like Mel Wilson, Ramit Varma, William R. Morrison, Asher Luzzatto, Evan Jasek, Sean Enright, YJ Draiman, Kevin de Leon, Kevin Dalton, Karen Bass, Joe Buscaino, Jessica Lall, and Alex Gruenenfelder.   (See Wikipedia “2022 Los Angeles mayoral election”).

Candidate Mike Feuer and staff are missing in action when it comes to “governance, homelessness, safety, neighborhood neglect, and inequality.” He calls homelessness “pervasive” but that is hardly true if the homeless are less than 3% of the total population of LA County. 

What is pervasive is the lack of fiscal accountability under the Feuer reign. He has been characteristically silent about discrimination complaints leveled at housing and code enforcement employees. I sought the city attorney office help in 2015-2016 to help eradicate housing discrimination and retaliation by private and public entities. I got no assistance from Feuer’s office of 42 attorneys. I also sought his help recently on enforcing the city tenant anti-harassment ordinance.

Feuer’s proposals have not currently been implemented because Feuer is part of the problem, not part of the solution. There is little sense in creating more confusion by increasing the number of council districts. He has supported corrupt government policies. He lacks experience and honesty.

(G. ) Juan Johnson2022 LA Mayoral Candidate, Los Angeles

 Published . “Crackpot Corruptionism”

Crackpot Corruptionism

RLN, Feb 4, 2021

The CA Employment Development Department and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (have they ever read the Unruh Act?) are my definitions of corruption.  Governor Gavin “CrackpotCorrupt” Newsom paid contractors $236 million dollars to fix the EDD computer system, but not the phone lines. A federal Judge ordered the city’s politicians and lawyers to spend $1.2 billion dollars to fix the County 2% homeless problem.  

The city Mayor is poised to sign an anti-tenant harassment ordinance that has as many teeth as a newborn baby gumming away.    (Relocating to LA, anyone?). Drafted in 2017, it is a piece of cake that has taken officials four years to learn how to copy and paste from other laws.  LAMC section 41.33 is lifted almost verbatim, but the final draft removed the state law definition of “harassment” (CCP 527.6).  The ordinance will apply to  single family homes, condominiums, and rent controlled units; “an act or omission” (failure to respond to tenant complaints) will be actionable; refusal to accept rent will be harassment;  “substantially” interfering with tenant peaceful enjoyment is unlawful; the tenant must give the landlord “reasonable time” to repair ( civil code 1942.4 says 35 days).  The city claims tenants made over 40,000 harassment  and housing complaints.

Maybe this harassment law will solve the city’s homeless, housing, harassment, and employment (EDD) problems all at one fell swoop!  For more info, see City clerk file number 14-0268-S13 at website “LACityClerk Connect”.  

G. Juan Johnson

Los Angeles

Faux Disaster Assistance

RLN, 3/18/21

State Employment Development Department employees told me they issued a “Notice of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award” and then deny benefits and they said they do it all the time. I reached out to ascertain the unemployment code on this contradiction; not one response from Gov. Newsom. Thousands of applicants may have received EDD (PUA) award letters that the EDD refuses to pay out.

The site states, “No disasters declared for individual assistance were found for” Los Angeles, California. The city plans to spend over $88 million for youth programs, neighborhood beautification, job and business programs, nonprofit services; $14 million for policing alternatives, administrative $4,250,680.35 out of $81 million given to the Homeless Services Authority and eviction defense services. A total 500 households of single parents in Curren Price’s district may receive $1,000 a month for 12 months. (In 2015-2019 there were 1,383,869 households in LA). Is East Los Angeles excluded? $7.75 million to pay for “unarmed response” to homelessness and nonviolent calls. Surely there is no shortage of money in Los Angeles. A federal Judge in December 2020 (case 2:20-cv-02291 filed 3/10/20) said he did not expect city officials and homeless advocates to help more than 60% of the homeless. Millions of dollars but I bet not one penny for mandatory affordable housing.

I support minimum mandatory 85% across the city affordable housing to include extremely low income, very low income, and low and moderate income tenants.

G. Juan Johnson, Los Angeles

Let’s Hope

RLN, Feb 4, 2021

Thanks for the Random Length’s insightful news coverage of the national election. Congratulations to President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris does not have a good record on civil rights, fair housing, or police reform. I hope that is not the reason she was elected. I had personal litigation experiences with her in 2016 when as California Attorney General she opposed my efforts to assure full and equal housing privileges for tenants across the state.

It will take more than a change of two leaders at the White House to make a difference in the status quo and its trickle down effect. Let’s hope that the vice president’s heritage and gender will help her to become a better elected official than is expected. Good luck to us all.

G. Juan Johnson

“The beauty of Los Angeles”

Thousands of apartments/condos across Los Angeles have an intercom system, some with phone line or fire alarm connected. But for two Blacks in this building, white plantation owners, Judges, and government officials refuse to order repair of the intercom.

The Power of Racism Is Among Us

*LA Code Violation Complaint 808802

(filed with the city Los Angeles government 2/17/22)

Feb 17, 2022. Words 2404. Re Complaint. Re Home Sharing the planning department is unresponsive. Date: FEB.17, 2022. Words 2370.  Additional comments to city of Los Angeles Code Violation Complaint.  This complaint is filed based on my rights under law and obligations under the rental agreement. BLACK CITY EMPLOYEE SAYS BLACKS NOT ENTITLED TO FAIR HOUSING. From Geary JUAN Johnson , 1522 Hi Point St 9, Los Angeles  CA   90035. According to the city government of Los Angeles, this matter has been the subject of hundreds of code violation complaints filed since 2014. The intercom system at this local address remains un repaired. The intercoms for various units as seen at the front of the building, do not functions as intended. A REAP complaint was filed with the city regarding the lack of intercom maintenance and lack of assignment to a tandem parking stall for tenants unit 9, both who are Black Americans; DATED August 9, 2021 at 12:11 pm. Now we have an African American and Asian woman US Vice President but she does not have the power that housing discrimination has in this city. A signed complaint has been filed with the State Department of Fair Employment and Housing regarding housing discrimination by the city housing department. There was a small claims lawsuit pending where the landlord of this property sued a tenant for $10,000 because the Black tenant complained about housing services denied. The owner and Power Property Management claimed they suffered damages of over $70,000 because the Black tenant asked for maintenance and an extra parking stall. OUTRAGEOUS RACIST CONDUCT. All previous code violation complaints since 2014 are incorporated herein by reference. The rear inside stairs to the building are wobbly and unsafe. There is an un permitted structure outside the building of which I sent pictures to you as it is off the parking lot; I believe they are mini-split ductless air conditioners that require a permit for the HVAC installations. The rear door to the building does not operate as intended since it does not shut properly. There is an abandoned vehicle at parking stall number four stall with two flat tires that has not been operational for over five years. The owner has refused to respond.  There has been no response from city government employees.  This complaint is also against (if not already named) city employees Mayor Eric Garcetti, Gilbert Cedillo, Paul Krekorian, Bob Blumenfield, Nithya Raman, Paul Koretz, Nury Martinez, Monica Rodriguez, Marqueece Harris-Dawson, . Mike Bonin,  Mitch O’Farrell, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Kevin DeLeon.  The entry code for the building is 1967E as reported numerous times before. State law prohibits city employees from requiring tenants to be present for city inspections of units. I believe that recently emergency responders were delayed in getting to a tenant who committed suicide, delayed because of the non working intercom system. OUTRAGEOUS RACISM. I do suppose city government employees would not give a damn if all the tenants in this building committed suicide.  City officials  I believe would not give a damn if this building collapsed like the sad and horrendous Surfside building collapse in West Palm Beach, Florida (June 2021).  Under state law below, the code inspector has jurisdiction over “any building or portion thereof”. The state law says “including but not limited to” and “general dilapidation or improper maintenance.”The city law LAMC says housing services are “including but not limited to”. State law also gives the code enforcement authority over “any nuisance”. “Housing services are services that are connected with the use or occupancy of a rental unit including, but not limited to, utilities (including light, heat, water and telephone), ordinary repairs or replacement, and maintenance including painting. The term also includes the provision of elevator service, laundry facilities and privileges, common recreational facilities, janitor service, resident manager, refuse removal, furnishings, food service, parking and any other benefits, privileges or facilities. (LAMC Sec. 151.02, Definition of Housing Services).”HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE – HSC SUBSTANDARD HOUSING  17920.3.  Any building or portion thereof including any dwelling unit, guestroom or suite of rooms, or the premises on which the same is located, in which there exists any of the following listed conditions to an extent that endangers the life, limb, health, property, safety, or welfare of the public or the occupants thereof shall be deemed and hereby is declared to be a substandard building: (a) Inadequate sanitation shall include, but not be limited to, the following: (12) Infestation of insects, vermin, or rodents as determined by a health officer or, if an agreement does not exist with an agency that has a health officer, the infestation can be determined by a code enforcement officer, as defined in Section 829.5 of the Penal Code, upon successful completion of a course of study in the appropriate subject matter as determined by the local jurisdiction. (13) General dilapidation or improper maintenance.    (c) Any nuisance.and safe condition and working properly, and that is free of cross connections and siphonage between fixtures. (k) Any building or portion thereof that is determined to be an unsafe building due to inadequate maintenance, in accordance with the latest edition of the Uniform Building Code. This is a complaint for nuisance conditions, which is the jurisdiction of code violations inspectors as well as the LA County Health Department inspectors. I have asked the city to send out non-racist inspectors. City government employees have refused. OUTRAGEOUS RACIST City government employees have refused TO RESPOND. I have asked that Marcel Nicolas and Luis Tolentino be terminated from city employment for acting in a retaliatory and racist manner. There has been no response from the mayor and council or the office of the City Attorney Mike Feuer as city employees have also violated the City Ethics code. The previous owner said I could have a second or tandem parking stall for $50 per month (which I believe would be discriminatory) but my written application has been ignored by the current owner HI POINT 1522 LLC and resident manager Kassandra Harris. This complaint is for continuing damages. Read HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE –  California Housing Law SUBSTANDARD HOUSING 17920.3.   See the movie Power Property Management and city employees say Black tenants not entitled to Fair Housing. . Dear Mayor and Council (VIA EMAIL/FAX); MAY 18, 2021. Racist City Employees Refuse Inspection – Abuse of City Tax Dollars – Retaliation by City Employees-DFEH intake 202104-13236514 From: G Johnson To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 

Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 10:44 AM PDT 

“This shall memorialize a visit today from the city Housing Code enforcement at about 8:45 am. This recall is meant to be indicative but not all-inclusive. As soon as the inspector arrived at the front of the property, he indicated that before he arrived he had a conversation with his supervisor M. Nicolas that code enforcement was not going to investigate the non-operating intercom system. I wondered to myself why he had wasted tax dollars to come out to the property in the first place if he knew he was not going to make the inspection. Then after I questioned him, he changed his tune and said he would not make the inspection because his supervisor Nicolas said that I was being “argumentative”. However, I believe the real reason for their refusal to inspect is in retaliation because I have complained about city and owner housing discrimination and because I have made code violation complaints against this property, and because I am Black. The owner indicated last week to me that the city government told him they ignore code violation complaints of Black tenants, and today’s performance by two city employees is proof of that. The inspector said I was being “argumentative” but in truth, I was simply complaining about the racist practices of the city Housing Department and code enforcement and rent control, and complaining about code violation complaints like lack of maintenance.  My code violation complaint #779874 involves the front door not working as intended. read door not working as intended, non-operating vehicles (PARKING STALL # 4 TWO FLAT TIRES) on the property, un-permitted home-sharing, intercom unit 9 not useable, rear inside stairs unstable, un-permitted structure in the parking lot. These are all legitimate complaints. I explained to (MARCEL) Nicolas and the other inspector (TOLENTINO)  that by state law the code inspectors have authority over all portions of the 1522 Hi Point St building; they both disagreed.  For that, I request both employees face discipline up to and including termination from employment for not making a diligent effort to do their job. I also explained that around 1973 the city authorized the install of the intercom system. In 2015 the city housing department in the capital improvements decision authorized the install and new wiring for the new intercom system. The city also around 2015 authorized new wiring for the intercom system as part of the government approval for the THP, and also authorized a rent increase based on the city-approved install of the intercom and the city CFO. Both inspectors have disagreed with me on this. Both have disagreed that hundreds of buildings across the city have intercom systems, of which the city fire department has jurisdiction over some because they are connected to the fire alarm system. The inspector refused to enter the property and inspect as requested, even after I told him we could talk about the intercom at a later time. On or around December 15, 2015, the LA County Health Dept (Chen) had issued an order that the intercom should be removed, repaired, or replaced. That order has been ignored by the property owner as well as the HCIDLA and the city REAP department. The REAP department, as of the complaint filed with the REAP department, has jurisdiction over the reduction of parking and jurisdiction over the maintenance and repair of the intercom system, and pursuant to the order from the Health Department, and jurisdiction over a public nuisance.” (End) A new DFEH complaint against the HCIDLA is anticipated. “The Unruh civil rights act provides protection from discrimination by all business establishments in California, including housing and public accommodations. The term “business establishments” may include governmental and public entities as well. The Act is meant to cover all arbitrary and intentional discrimination by a business establishment on the basis of personal characteristics similar to those listed above. (Source:Google). The denial of housing services as stated herein represent arbitrary racial discrimination as defined under the State Unruh Act. ARBITRARY DISCRIMINATION EQUALS RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. City HCIDLA employees include Ann Sewill, Catherine Taylor-Gomez, Luz Santiago, Bessy Corrales, Kim Ly, Claudia Castillo, Veronica McDonnel, Sean Spear, Roberto Aldape, Daniel V. Gomez, Mathew Holen, David Zaitz, Anna Ortega, Valeria Steffens, Marcella D. Shurley. Tenants at this address include Carolyn Estevez, Vivian Depree, Daniel (unit 5), Jennifer Pesce (unit 6), M. Baney, T. Ruggieri, Kenny, R. Reyna, Kassandra Harris, M. Brown, C. DeLeon and B. Sohn, B. Bellio, C. Peterson, T. Cammasano.I will be filing a new code violation complaint today. I will be posting to the internet a video of the visit today and I will send you a link to the video. This complaint will be posted to the worldwide web. Please send an inspector or supervisor out who is not racist and who is able to read and understand the Health and Safety Code AND LAMC. Damages: lost time from work waiting for inspector 2.5 hours x normal rate $20/hr = $50.00 plus pain a suffering for malice and oppression This is a city rent controlled building. FURTHER NOTES JULY 10, 2021. A condo collapsed in Surfside, Florida, killing many, no doubt due to the government practices like that of Marcel Nicolas and Luis Tolentino. This building 1522 Hi Point St 90035 has new owners that I have been told. The new owner is Hi Point 1522 LLC, managed by Hi Point 1522 Managers LLC, managed by Hi Point 1522 Managers LLC, managed by Hi Point 1522 Managers Holdco LLC, managed by Todd Jacobs, associated with Hi Point 1522 TJ Entity LLC, managed by Anthony Jaffe. The property management company for this site is Power Property Management which is at the same address as the other 1522 Hi Point LLC entities above.  The city clerk may post this complaint to the worldwide web. The actions herein constitute violations of the state Unruh Act. The previous owner said he had intentions to replace the intercom but the repair has not occurred. (The previous owner said I could have a second or tandem parking stall for $50 per month (which I believe would be discriminatory) but my requests for the parking application have been ignored by the current owner HI POINT 1522 LLC and resident manager Kassandra Harris.) I have incurred damages of $70.00 after receiving a street sweeping ticket. Tenants have not yet been supplied with the name and contact information for the new owner. I REQUEST  TOLENTINO AND NICOLAS BE TERMINATED FROM EMPLOYMENT. It is a violation of the city harassment ordinance to keep maintenance workers from making repairs to the intercom system and extending stall #8 to tandem length. A HARASSMENT COMPLAINT under the city Tenant Harassment by Landlord Ordinance has been filed with the city and ignored. 12/31/21 The owner has been notified that the hot water temperature is at 100 degrees. I believe this is an unsafe temperature level that affects the health and safety of tenants and the public. I have read such low temperature can cause Legionnaires disease. The resident manager Kassandra Harris has indicated there are guest parking stalls and tandem parking stalls. The city ordinance prohibits guest stalls where there are tandem parking stalls. Ord. 179191. “Tandem parking shall not be allowed in parking areas for recreational vehicles or guest parking.” THE INTERCOM AND SECURED PARKING ARE FOR PURPOSES OF HEALTH AND SAFETY. Date: FEB. 17, 2022. All rights reserved. Words: 2404.

(Editor note: The state DFEH under Governor Gavin Newsom says on its website that persons who are “disruptive” can be denied housing services. It is presumed they mean tenants who are Black.)

ELECTION 2022 LOS ANGELES. Is there really a homelessness crises if the homeless number less than 6% of the total population of LA County? How much time and money does it take to build enough tiny homes for them? Seems like more of a crises in government leadership. If you tell me we need 60,000 units for the homeless, I will use the mayor authority to order the purchase of 60,000 tiny homes within the next three months. Problem solved. (G. JUAN JOHNSON)