Police told of hate crimes at 1522 Hi Point


“…There was a time when most Police Departments across the country were Lily White and only thru the efforts of citizens that things slowly started to change across the country to include Police Officers of color;  this was the result of non-violent direct action… “

1522 Hi Point St

Los Angeles  CA   90035

[[phone redacted]


June 6, 2017, Tuesday

LAPD Police Chief City of Los Angeles

100 West 1st Street Room

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Via Priority Mail 9505 5000 1177 7157 0000 19


I had called the Police previously on this matter but they never came out. The District Attorney office said they will only bring charges if the matter is referred to them by the Police. So on May 19 2017, two officers finally came out about 12:15 a.m. after I had called on May 18 about 10:15 p.m. One officer appeared to be Caucasian White while the taller officer appeared to be of mixed origin. The taller officer said I could be charged with harassment because I am repeatedly asking the manager to have my intercom repaired. I disagreed that I could be charged with harassment because my course of conduct serves a legitimate purpose of bringing the intercom repairs to the owner’s attention per state law and the rental agreement, and complaining about racial discrimination [‘protected activity”]. There was a time when most Police Departments across the country were Lily White and only thru the efforts of citizens that things slowly started to change across the country to include Police Officers of color; this was the result of non-violent direct action. It is the taxpayers who want Police Officers. I agree we should have more Police Officers and I appreciate the work that Police officers do because many times that work is dangerous, life threatening, and a lot of people including myself would not want to be in the shoes of a police officer. But on the other hand, Police need to be adequately trained and undergo racial sensitivity training. If they do not know what the law is, they should not be quoting it to people incorrectly. Police should know what is a protected activity and they should understand that communicating to government officials is also a protected activity. If they cannot be trained properly, they need to be released from their positions. Police officers are here because the Public wants them here, and has voted them to be here.

“…Police need to be adequately trained and undergo racial sensitivity training. If they do not know what the law is, they should not be quoting it to people incorrectly….”

1. The police said “why don’t you move out.”“Moving out” under a police threat under color of law is not an option; retaliation because I opposed discrimination is illegal; protesting racial discrimination  is a federally protected activity no matter what the Police say.

2.“Most Germans, so far as I could see, did not seem to mind that their personal freedom had been taken away, that so much of their splendid culture was being destroyed and replaced with a mindless barbarism, or that their life and work were being regimented to a degree never before experienced even by a people accustomed for generations to a great deal of regimentation … On the whole, people did not seem to feel that they were being cowed and held down by an unscrupulous tyranny. On the contrary, they appeared to support it with genuine enthusiasm” ― William L. Shirer, The Nightmare Years 1930-40.

3. I am a senior citizen experiencing criminal fraud at the hands of named citizens and government employees; I pay my rent and I am denied housing services. That is criminal fraud.

4.See the penal code below on what is criminal fraud

5. City employee Robert Galardi claims Black tenants across the city were not provided permanent relocation monies because their units were vacant. I cited numerous tenants who occupied their units within 60 days of renovations starting [the city legal requirements] and Galardi and others [city employees] have not responded.

6. It is no wonder the Police won’t do anything about the THP fraud, the same reason when they talked to me face to face they refused to talk with the white manager and her boyfriend [name redacted].

7. All city employees including Garcia should be charged with criminal fraud and conspiracy with property owners.

8.I called the Police on May 18 2017 at about 10:30 pm. I  later left a message for Sgt Rodriquez at 213-793-0715 on May 19.

9.On May 18, I called the police in part to talk with the Manager Cynthia Ogan and her boyfriend …. in apt 1. The police, I presume both white,  refused to talk with the whites.


11. I also told the police that [Manager Boyfriend] had kicked my unit door and that there was an upturned fork found in my parking stall. I considered this to be a hate crime against myself as a Black American. The officers refused to look in the parking lot at the fork but I do have a picture of it. I feel the fork was being used as a weapon at the direction of the property manager and owner and maintenance company.

12. The Police indicated to me it could be harassment if I ask the manager repeatedly to repair or replace my intercom. I feel the Police made that statement in retaliation because I complained. The attitude of the Police acting under color of law does not authorize them to violate my civil rights, or my housing rights, or my right to seek redress of my grievances, or my rights under contract law and equal protection clause to seek the same privilege of maintenance afforded to those tenants who are White.

13. The LA County District attorney claimed I had not provided names to them of those city employees involved in the criminal conspiracy to take my rent and those of others and deny due process and housing rights. The names herein are the city employees and property owner agents to speak to and include Walter Barratt [agent for Hi Point Apts, LLC], Cliff Renfrew, Cynthia Ogan [310-621-4871 and 310-406-4075;; city Los Angeles employees Robert Galardi, Charles Garcia, Williams Real Estate Advisors, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Presiliano Sandoval, Charles Garcia, Lee Smith, Daniel Williams, Rushmore Cervantes, Raymond Chan; LB Property Management, Mozannar Construction via Ali Mozannar.

14. Former tenant [name redacted]  did not receive THP relocation monies of over $7,000 [plus penalty of over $7,000] after she vacated her apt #11 around October 2015. Said persons noted herein have refused to explain what happened to her money she was entitled to under Mayor Eric Garcetti’s HCIDLA and LADBDS.

15. I feel the manager Ogan living at the property has threatened to call the Police on me in retaliation because I claimed racism and because I complained of housing services denied of maintenance to my intercom.

16. CCP 527.6.  “(a) (1) A person who has suffered harassment as defined in subdivision (b) may seek a temporary restraining order and an order after hearing prohibiting harassment as provided in this section. (2) A minor, under 12 years of age, accompanied by a duly appointed and acting guardian ad litem, shall be permitted to appear in court without counsel for the limited purpose of requesting or opposing a request for a temporary restraining order or order after hearing, or both, under this section as provided in Section 374.(b) For purposes of this section:(1) “Course of conduct” is a pattern of conduct composed of a series of acts over a period of time, however short, evidencing a continuity of purpose, including following or stalking an individual, making harassing telephone calls to an individual, or sending harassing correspondence to an individual by any means, including, but not limited to, the use of public or private mails, interoffice mail, facsimile, or email. Constitutionally protected activity is not included within the meaning of “course of conduct.” (2) “Credible threat of violence” is a knowing and willful statement or course of conduct that would place a reasonable person in fear for his or her safety or the safety of his or her immediate family, and that serves no legitimate purpose. (3) “Harassment” is unlawful violence, a credible threat of violence, or a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person that seriously alarms, annoys, or harasses the person, and that serves no legitimate purpose. The course of conduct must be that which would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, and must actually cause substantial emotional distress to the petitioner.”

17. In order for the Police officers or property resident manager to use the term “harassment”, they would have to comply with CCP section 527.6 above. I don’t imagine Ogan or the officers have ever read CCP section 527.6. Their claims against me do not rise to the level of harassment. If anyone could claim harassment, it would be me since the owner has continued to take my rent money and not provided the services I am entitled to. Yes, I suffer substantial emotional distress because of the owner and city employees actions.

18.My rent money is used and diverted to pay for others’ renovations and intercoms, while same rent money is not used to pay for my intercom repairs.


“484.  (a) Every person who shall feloniously steal, take, carry, lead, or drive away the personal property of another, or who shall fraudulently appropriate property which has been entrusted to him or her, or who shall knowingly and designedly, by any false or fraudulent representation or pretense, defraud any other person of money, labor or real or personal property, or who causes or procures others to report falsely of his or her wealth or mercantile character and by thus imposing upon any person, obtains credit and thereby fraudulently gets or obtains possession of money, or property or obtains the labor or service of another, is guilty of theft. In determining the value of the property obtained, for the purposes of this section, the reasonable and fair market value shall be the test, and in determining the value of services received the contract price shall be the test. If there be no contract price, the reasonable and going wage for the service rendered shall govern. For the purposes of this section, any false or fraudulent representation or pretense made shall be treated as continuing, so as to cover any money, property or service received as a result thereof, and the complaint, information or indictment may charge that the crime was committed on any date during the particular period in question. The hiring of any additional employee or employees without advising each of them of every labor claim due and unpaid and every judgment that the employer has been unable to meet shall be prima facie evidence of intent to Defraud.”


[Tenant name and email and phone redacted]

[USPS Delivered 3:35 p.m. on June 7, 2017 to the Los Angeles Police Department]