Re Public Hearing Case VTT-73765-SL

State Bar Asked to Revoke Certification of Attorneys; Attorneys Told of Illegal Renovations Under Eric Garcetti

Subject: Re Public Hearing for Case No. VTT-73765-SL
From: [Tenant]
Date: Friday, December 2, 2016 9:35 AM

Here are my concerns for the December 7, 2016 Hearing on this matter re applicant 11500
National I, LLC and representative Aaron Belliston, BMR Enterprises, and the construction of 13 small lot homes in the Faircrest Heights area 90035:
1. The city government has admitted to housing discrimination conducted by city employees and officials and property owners in the 90035 zip code. (Case Central District Los Angeles CV16- 03236 JLS, Johnson v Hi Point Apts, LLC, filed May 11, 2016).
2. The project will take away necessary street parking without adequately compensating area residents.
3. The city has engaged in a scheme that helps the developer but in taking upwards of ten or more parking spaces during and after construction, such city approved project will further increase parking density and lack of street parking in the area to the detriment of area residents.
4. The city government by approving this project has not considered the effect it will have on reducing needed street parking in the already dense 90035 zip code.
1522 Hi Point St #9
Los Angeles CA 90035

[Editor: this email has been redacted from the original]

[Editor: At the corner of Hi Point and [90035] Saturn about five single family homes are scheduled to be demolished. During construction, and upon completion, about thirty [30] street parking spaces may disappear. And do you think the city council cares about the increased parking density?]

Updated December 24 2016

Certainly tenants who are white at the property, and the non-Blacks, have the use and benefit of intercom and parking stall, and certainly those tenants reasonably and justifiably place significant and substantial importance on such housing services since they signed the lease and pay over $1700 per month for such housing services. I can hear the voices of those now long dead Blacks in Alabama, ‘Oh, Mister Charlie, I just want me an Intercom boss, and some maintenance, and maybe a parking spot for my car, I am on my knees begging you boss.’ And the white plantation owner smiles down on the Darky and whips him for daring to ask a question. Well what year was that? 2015? The plantation owner continues, ‘And don’t even think of going to court, Boy, cause we gonna lynch you before you get there!’

Taken from “How does a Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite Black American qualify for intercom?”  Click here to see page