Do Not Hire Mozannar Construction

  1. This is the power supply for the building. City code enforcement inspected and approved it in 1973. The intercom system is connected to the power supply. RSD LAMC  regulations claims the city has jurisdiction over the intercom and maintenance as a housing service and privilege; but Mayor Garcetti’s code enforcement claim they have no jurisdiction over “maintenance”; this is contradicted by the state Building Code and Health and Safety codes which give the city jurisdiction over maintenance
2018-3-27 Power Supply at 1522 Hi Point

Power supply at 1522 Hi Point St 90035

  1. 2018-3-27 Proof Dog Boarding Supplies at Power Supply 1522

    Power Supply Blocked with Ogan’s Illegal Dog Boarding Supplies at 1522 Hi Point St 90035

  2. The debris is actually the cages for the Resident Manager Cynthia Ogan’s [“Doggone Cindy’s Dog Walking Service”] illegal dog boarding, as cited by the city Animal Services. Evidence of illegal dog boarding and illegal storage. Pictures taken March 28. 
  3. Mozannar Corporation in 2017 installed a new garbage disposal, new bathroom faucet, and new bathroom copper tubing after a complaint by Black tenants unit 9. But when the Blacks asked about the non-working intercom system [affecting three units over three years], Mozanner ignored the complaints and has refused to repair or replace the intercoms.
  4. Mozannnar has no respect for Black tenants.
  5. Mozannar, Ogan, Barratt, Matt, Beck, think another Black tenant in the building is their “friend” but don’t realize the Black they confide in takes all their racial hatred back for evidence; that Black is the mastermind behind the complaints but Mozannar, Ogan, Barratt, Matt do not comprehend this person is the spy.
  6. Herein is based on publicly accessible documents.
  7. From 2014 thru 2016 Mozannar was the designated go to person for maintenance. In 2017 Mozannar was seen in the building participating with the owner and Williams Real Estate Advisors, Inc. denying repairs to Black tenants.
  8. All tenants in the building pay rent which goes towards the substandard conditions that exist inside and outside the building. Tenants pay rent for everything inside and outside their unit to be working. Tenants pay for the resident manager, the salary of Mozannar, maintenance,  but Mozannar benefits from the rent but does not provide the maintenance. Is that not a criminal scheme?
  9. The city government in the federal lawsuit admitted as true that Mozannar and others conspired to deny fair Housing to Blacks and retaliated when Blacks complained
  10. Mozannar participated with the owner in forcing tenants to sign illegal buyout agreements that did not comply with the city THP regulations
  11. Who does Jade Beck work for?
  12. How many white city inspectors does it take to fix or order repair to an intercom?
  13. Is there a city employee who told Mozannar not to file the required THP’s before illegally starting primary renovations to ten units?
  14. How many other properties in the city has Mozannar failed to follow the permit and renovations regulations?
  15. Without the THP’s,  Mozannar was prohibited from proceeding with primary renovations. Mozannar and crew failed to follow safe work practices and had no concern for the health and safety of other tenants living in the building during the time of renovations and exposure to lead and asbestos dust
  16. Mozannar never told tenants and applicants about the threat of terrorism at the property
  17. Mozannar has been sued repeatedly for damages and denial of fair housing. In one 2016 lawsuit, the tenant asked for $698,000 dollars in damages and $502 million dollars in punitive damages against Mozannar and others
  18. Mozannar between 2014 and 2017 supervised the installation of new intercoms in ten units which ended up being occupied by mostly white tenants. In the process he skipped past numerous [over five] Black tenants who never received replacement intercom, but relocated, and two remaining long term Black tenants who complained of racism and retaliation in 2014 were refused intercom replacement/maintenance by Mozannar and others.
  19. Mozannar has been unable for months to repair dilapidated stair railing, unable to provide intercom system maintenance for over three years.
  20. Editor: Do all repairs have to be substantial? No. See the state Building Codes and the Health and Safety codes 17920-17928. 17920.
  21. In 2014 Mozannar general contractor proceeded with renovations and capital improvement without filing the necessary permits. The city cited the Mozannar repeatedly and issued at least two work stop orders. Mozannar was cited for unsafe work practices and substandard housing conditions and lack of THP’s; numerous code enforcement violation complaints were filed concerning Mozzannar’s work or lack therefof.
  22. The county Public Health ordered Mozannar to repair, replace, or remove the remaining four non-working intercoms at the time 2016 but Mozannar refused.
  23. Mozzanar was in the property as late as March 27, 2018 and expressed no concern to complaining tenants about reports of peeling lead based paint, abandoned vehicle in stall 13, lack of intercom repairs since 2014, and dilapidated stair railing [Mozannar called it a “structural defect”], and lack of uniform compliance [the city’s previous ruling].
  24. Mozannar admitted the stair railing structural defect for over six months but made no effort to alert tenants or repair the stairs.
  25. Mozannar is a company who has ignored repairs for over three years, showed a disrespect to not even respond to complaints by Black tenants. If that is the company you will trust with your loved one’s house or apartment, then contact them at the address and email below, public information.
  26. California Secretary of State Alex Padillo has given Mozannar a license to discriminate against Blacks
  27. Mozannar participated in illegal renovations knowing that for ten units no THP was ever served on the tenants or filed with the City; such THP that would have alerted the city to unsafe work practices; Mozannar participated in lead and asbestos hazards and proceeded with renovations without permits and without THP approval in that repairs were not supposed to proceed until after THP approval. Ten units were renovated out of 18—-while eight others were occupied— amid unsafe work practices
  28. There were over fifteen code violations complaints in Feb 2018 alone against Mozannar and others
  29.  Would you Trust this Company to Work on Your House or Building?

  30. The Power of Racism is Among Us
  31. Mozannar has also been the subject of numerous DFEH complaints and numerous contractor complaints.
  32. Claims have been filed with Mozannar’s insurance company Wesco 420 Maple Avenue, Yukn, OK  73099.

33. “Every tenant in Los Angeles should understand their rights, especially in a tight housing market, and landlords should know their responsibilities,” said Mayor Garcetti. “The RSO is the most powerful tool we have to keep families and neighborhoods together, and this ordinance will help protect vulnerable populations like senior citizens and immigrants from displacement. As we work to build new affordable housing, we also must make sure that residents know about protections that are already in place.” December 15 2016 [emphasis added]

2018-3-21 Apt 9 at 1552 Lead Peel 2 of 2

Peeling lead based paint at Hi Point Apts 90035.

34. Racism at Hi Point Apts

35. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Lynch Mob Citizens Council has participated in the denial of fair housing to Blacks across the city

36. If you want to deny tenants maintenance and retaliate against Blacks, contact Mozannar.

37. Mozannar and others with him have been placed into the law enforcement database to check for criminal activity

38 The city of Los Angeles regulations LAMC place a to-be-determined amount of damages on the reduction of intercom service and maintenance at rent control properties.

39. The city of Los Angeles regulations LAMC have determined that a reduction in parking in a densely populated area could entitle the tenant to $200 per month rent reimbursement/decrease

40. Tenants who suffer denial of repairs could pursue a third party claim against Mozannar Construction as well as Court action under state and federal law.

41. Many code enforcement inspectors do not appear to comprehend English

42. City code enforcement inspectors are paid over $100,000 dollars per year to deny Black tenants maintenance and other housing services. Denial of fair housing is big business.

43. Mozannar can be reached at  10721 BLOOMFIELD STREET STE 1 NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA 91602. State Business Entity C3955208 MOZANNAR CONSTRUCTION INC. [Also see Zeinab Fawaz] Phone 818-335-8175. Contractor License # 695817. Mozannar email is

[Editor note: As of July 29, the Mozannar participated in repainting the lead based paint heater cover in unit 9. But he still has ignored repairing or replacing the non-working intercom. In 2016 Mozannar was named in a 338 page lawsuit where his attorney sought $25,000 in order to retaliate against a Black tenant who complained about lack of routine maintenance and who engaged in protected activity. Mozannar participated in the city Capital Improvement Program rent increase where tenants were illegally charged a rent increase for routine maintenance to select intercoms [maintenance is already included in tenants rent] but replacement denied to most Black tenants. Mozannar has participated in illegally charging select tenants for utilities in a master metered building while telling the city that the owner pays the utilities.  Is this the type of company you want to hire to protect your property and loved ones from unsafe conditions? Mozannar supervised the re-striping of stall number 13 from a single to tandem parking stall for White tenants but refused do so for Blacks. The numerous complaints with code enforcement and rent control department and Department of Fair Employment and Housing have essentially been ignored. The Rent Control department is biased against Black tenants. We either need to eliminate all but essential law enforcement agencies and make it easier for tenants to go straight to court or we need to eliminate all agencies as well as courts and let tenants take their grievances to the streets. I have been the recipient of some favorable court decisions, but nevertheless, I believe our court system does more harm than good. What good is a law if there is no one to enforce it? WHITE PRIVILEGE.]

Racism at Hi Point Apts

Why you should not hire Mozannar Contruction Inc

March 30, 2018

Links to this site appear in the March 29 2018 issue on page S12 of the                         USC Daily Trojan Housing Guide 2018

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE DETAILS CITY LOS ANGELES SUED OVER HOUSING DISCRIMINATION “Will this Court order all Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite/Blacks across America to be lynched because this Court feels Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite/Blacks are not entitled to protection under the United States Constitution and all laws?”  Court document 120, filed 10-11-17, page ID 2747-2748.

See the online issue of Random Lengths news [of San Pedro], Feb . 22 issue and page 17.

To see additional discussions about what is fair housing and to see copies of posted Videos, click   Youtube channel “Davey GJuanvalldez”


The tenant for life ordinance.

As told to the Los Angeles City government August 2019.

 Communications with city employees

Denial of housing services

* The intercom system unit 9 and outside the building is unusable. The intercom needs repair * Unit 9 tenants are still being denied a tandem parking stall
* The back interior stairs remain unstable and need repair as they are dangerous wobble when walking on them