1522 Hi Point St, Los Angeles, CA 90035 Rentals Leasing for rent or lease


October 2, 2020


For newest units available at 1522 Hi Point Apts 90035, see

Communications with city employees

As told to the Los Angeles City government August 2019.

 Communications with city employees

Denial of housing services

* The intercom system unit 9 and outside the building is unusable. The intercom needs repair * Unit 9 tenants are still being denied a tandem parking stall
* The back interior stairs remain unstable and need repair as they are dangerous wobble when walking on them

November 26, 2018

A new DFEH complaint has been filed against 1522 Hi Point St Apts LLC

the AAGLA, and the city government of Los Angeles- USPS proof of delivery number 9510 8142 4680 8309 1715 17; City claim for damages USPS 9510 8142 4680 8309 1715 24; and Department of Real Estate USPS number 9510 8066 6481 8303 0030 01. All tenants are named in all complaints.

Is 1522 Hi Point St up for sale or demolition?

2018-11-22 Middle of 1532 Demolish

1532 Hi Point St 90035 to be demolished. Taken November 22, 2018. Who is next?

As seen on the internet, a city complaint has been filed to reduce all rents by 50% because the parking lot security lights and intercom are not fully functioning, and due to parking assignment complaints. The city rent control and code enforcement have refused to respond to the complaints. City Council President Herb Wesson has encouraged G. Juan Johnson to run for Council District 10. Also, this building may be up for Sale/Demolition.

Apartment Rentals/Leasing 1522 Hi Point St 90035

The one bedroom apartment (one) 1 at 1522 Hi Point St is available for lease. View the property in person (prior to applying) at 1522 Hi Point St, Los Angeles. Building was partially renovated in 2014. Tenants will face disruptions when more units undergo primary renovations. Many units are hardwood floors so tenants on the lower units may suffer from increased noise of dogs, music, and persons walking with hi heels living in the upper units. 



2018-9-8 Outside Timber Clad Hi Point

Failing timber clad letters at 1522 Hi Point St for lease

Find apartments for rent at 1522 Hi Point St in Los Angeles. This building eighteen apartments have falsely been advertised as condos. Partially operating intercom system in need of repair; tandem clad letters in need of repair, outside security light system in need of repair. Rent: High. This is rent controlled building. Single as well as tandem car parking available. Medium sized apartment units. Building built in 1973. Some building portions have not seen routine repairs in over four years. The units on the left side of the building are about 550 square feet while the units on the right side are a square foot smaller; all eighteen units are one bedroom, one bath.




2018-7-9 Intercom 1522 w News Clip

Los Angeles government says Blacks not entitled to maintenance of this intercom. Why you should not move into rent controlled building.

…lack of safe work practices for lead and asbestos hazardous material abatement…

The current owner has been the subject of housing discrimination complaints including three lawsuits, four newspaper articles, and two public housing corruption hearings. The building has been ruled substandard housing numerous times by city code enforcement and the subject of over 100 city code violation complaints including lack of safe work practices for lead and asbestos hazardous material abatement. About ten tenants were cheated out of primary renovation monies and three resident managers it was reported were cheated out of resident manager rent reductions.

This is a high density area that will be subject to noise and dust from numerous nearby gentrification construction sites.

The owner is a member of the Association of Apartment Owners of Greater Los Angeles. The leasing  agency is Keller Williams 439 N. Canon Drive 3rd Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210 P:310-432-6400 F:310-432-6401.

The property has gone thru four resident managers in the course of four years. The resident manager position includes free rent.

2018-9-8 For rent pic 1522 Inside

Portions of this 1522 Hi Point St building have not been repaired in over four years

[Page created September 8, 2018]

Support 2020 G Juan Johnson for Council District 10

Contribute to 2020 G Juan Johnson for Council District 10

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