1522 Hi Point St voicemails


 Updated April 9 2017

Subject: Voicemails left today re 1522 Hi Point St Apartments

From: [tenant name and email redacted]

To: hcidla.rso.central@lacity.org; jcross@lbpm.com; david.whitehurst@lacity.org;

Cc: mayor.garcetti@lacity.org; robert.galardi@lacity.org;

Date: Sunday, April 9, 2017 10:50 PM

Racial retaliation at Hi Point Apts and trying to reason with the Ku Klux Klan

3:03 p.m. to Kristine Ritzke [310-254-1239] 

Voicemail Mayor Eric Garcetti city of Los Angeles: “You have reached Kristine Ritzke with the Housing and Community Investment Department. Please leave your name, number, and a short message, and your call will be returned shortly. Thank you.”

Hi, this call is for Kristine Ritzke and today is April 9 2017. This is tenant #9 at 1522 Hi Point St and you have my phone number already. There is an animal facility operating out of this address. The business owner also has five dogs from what she told me that are boarding on the property. I have previously provided a link to the [animal facility]  business owner’s YELP page stating that they are “pet boarding”.

I live on the property and the business is being run out of apartment 1. There are no signs posted that there is a pet boarding business; there is no permit posted on the outside of the building. The [animal facility] owner name and tenant is Cynthia Ogan and her phone number is 310-406-4075 [repeat] and she is also the resident manager at the property. So how do I find out what license that they have currently? How do I get a copy of that license? How do I make a complaint to the City or the County? What health permits do they need to board pets on the property? And I have also provided pictures to you of the pet boarding company that has two vans located on the property at 1522 S. Hi Point St 90035. And this is tenant #9 . I would appreciate a response in writing. Today is April 9, 2017. Thank you.”

“message delivered”

[Two tenants who are white and own an unlicensed animal facility get parking for three cars while the two Blacks in unit 9 only have parking for one car. The property owner and city government refuse to explain how the Blacks can qualify for additional parking spaces IN THIS RENT CONTROL BUILDING.]

3:06 pm to Julie Cross for Hi Point Apts Walter Barratt Abady Holdings [ 818-793-2033]

Voicemail: “Thank you for calling LB Property Management. [Dialed ext 240] Please hold on while I try that extension. Your call has been forwarded to an automated messaging system. At the tone, please record your message.” [Tone]

“Hi, today is April 9, 2017 and it is about 3:06 pm and this call is for Julie Cross at LB Property management and this is tenant #9 at 1522 Hi Point St. Number one, we still have not been assigned a tandem parking stall nor have we been told the terms and conditions, the equal terms and conditions,  for getting a tandem parking stall. As you know, we have one parking stall but there are tandem parking stalls in the parking lot here and as you are also aware, tenant #1 who happens to be white, they have three parking stalls, parking for three cars, and we only have parking for one car, and we have not been told how we can get parking into a tandem stall. Number two, of course we have not gotten the rent reductions and rent reimbursement for not having a tandem stall also, number three, the intercom is still not repaired in this building. I have made obviously numerous complaints over a three year period. A reasonable amount of time to fix an intercom is about 35 days. It has been over a thousand [1,000] days and the intercom  still remains unusable in apt 9 and un repaired in apt 9. Again, I would appreciate a written response from LB Property Management as to why the intercom has not been repaired and to why we have not been told the terms and conditions for getting a tandem parking stall and why we have not been assigned to a tandem parking stall. All rights are reserved. Today is April 9, 2017. This is the tenant at apt 9. Thank you.”

“Your message has been sent.”

3:08 p.m. to Mayor Eric Garcetti’s code enforcement inspector David Whitehurst [213-252-2882]

“Thank you for calling the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department. You have reached the desk of principal inspector David Whitehurst…..”

“Hi, today is April 9, 2017, and this is the tenant #9 at 1522 Hi Point St. This message is to David Whitehurst, code enforcement inspector. The city has the authority, under whatever code it is or law or ordinance, to fix and repair at this property the intercom system. And to bill the owner after the city fixes the intercom. At this point the city has not, the intercom has not been repaired, the intercom is unusable, this is going on over 1000 days at this property and the city is aware of it and the court’s have determined that 35 days is a reasonable amount of time for this repair to occur. The intercom has not been repaired. In addition, the city has the authority to extend the parking stall #8, to order the owner to extend it, so that we may have use of a tandem parking stall. Again, the intercom remains unuseable at this location. I would appreciate a response back from you in writing Mr. Whitehurst because you are the inspector for the SCEP program and I would further like to know why, if you did an inspection of this building within the last how many years,  why did you not cite the building for not having THP applications for units #15, number 18, and other units in the building which the tenants did not receive the THP application 60 days before renovations started on their apartments? I would like to know the answer to that, Mr. Whitehurst. Again, this is tenant #9 at 1522 Hi Point St. And today is April 9, 2017. All rights reserved.”

“Message left.”

Racial retaliation at Hi Point Apts and trying to reason with the Ku Klux Klan

All rights reserved.

[tenant name, address, phone redacted]

c: Julie Cross at LB Property Management, Sherman Oaks, California via email above

[Editor: This is a rent control building.]

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