As seen on Youtube- War on Hi Point


March 31 2018

Youtube Videos – Racism Hi Point Apts


Why should Black tenants be denied maintenance by property owners, maintenance, management, government officials, and the resident manager?      Who does Jade Beck work for?

To see additional discussions about what is fair housing and to see copies of posted Videos from this website, click for the Youtube channel Davey GJuanvalldez

June 27 2017

Video : BlackMan Stands His Ground Against Klan

Whites Claim “Harassment” After Blacks Ask for Intercom Repair

Donald Matt Williams Says No Fair Housing for Blacks- the Video:

Matt Williams Says No Fair Housing for Blacks

One bedroom apartments discrimination in Los Angeles. The revolution will not be…. Black tenants skipped over for intercom repair. A crime against Blacks. Williams is the President of Williams Real Estate Advisors Inc. of Santa Monica and management and leasing agent for Hi Point Apts, LLC [90035]. Office 310-987-7978.

Ali Mozannar

Donald Matt Williams

Michael Soto

Bryan Kirkness

James Blythe


[Williams could face criminal charges for filing a false police report]


Standing in the Apt House Door Part I of II

“Published on June 19, 2017

The Pink Houses at 1500 Hi Point St. Racism at Hi Point Apts 90035. Los Angeles City employees named. Google “Racism at Hi Point Apts.”. City Los Angeles employees named in this video include Charles Garcia, Robert Galardi, David Whitehurst, Christine Ritsky, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Presiliano Sandoval, Lee Smith, Daniel Williams, Bryan Kirkness, and James Blythe.”


Standing in the Apt House Door Part II of II

[City Code enforcement/LADBS employees include David Whitehurst, Richard Brinson, Robert Galardi, Rushmore Cervantes, Ian Yeom, Kristine Ritzke, Raymond. Chan,  Frank Bush, Steve Davey, Ifa Kashefi, Steve Ongle, Ken Gill, John Weight, Richard Garcia, Manuel Hernandez, Alan Yochelson. Some of these inspectors make over $100,000 dollars per year to sit on their ass.]



July 20, 2017. A new video has posted.

 “Stand Your Ground Against Racism”

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