Communications to LB Property Management- do they comprehend English?

Update April 29, 2017

According to property owner Walter Barratt [Hi Point Apts LLC], LB Property Management is OUT and a new property management will start May 10. The new property management is Williams Real Estate Advisors [“WREA”] of Santa Monica. 2701 Ocean Park Blvd 90405. Phone 310-987-7978. Owner Matt Williams. WREA is the subject of a pending civil rights lawsuit in Los Angeles Central District Court case 16-CV-03236-JLS case JOHNSON V HI POINT APTS, LLC., filed May 11, 2016. The court has been asked to rule Motion 12C against WREA for $150,240. Court papers against WREA state:

“There is no genuine dispute as to any material fact of the Complaint and I am entitled to judgment as a matter of law based on the untimely September 1, 2016 Notice of Motion filing by the CITY OF LOS ANGELES, et al, defendants, in which all allegations of the Complaint are admitted as true.” Court document 60, page 2. WREA allegedly manages over 400 properties. The lawsuit charges against WREA include housing discrimination, Title II Public Accommodation, 42 USC 1983, conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, denial equal access, violation of health and safety codes, violation of Unruh Act, conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, retaliation, false and deceptive business practices. The court papers allege that WREA continued to seek applicants for vacant units and failed to tell such applicants that the 1522 Hi Point St property had been declared to be “substandard” and in violation of health and safety.


Work Continues at Hi Point Apartments with no THP’s [ or permit clearance]  ever Issued for Numerous Apartments as Garcetti Runs for Re-election Mar. 7

Updated February 3, 2017

State Bar Asked to Revoke Certification of Attorneys; Attorneys Told of Illegal Renovations Under Eric Garcetti

Subject: From the Invisible Tenant at 1522 Hi Point Street Apartments- 90035- re repairs needed- continuing damages and intentional harm to apt 9 tenants

From:[tenant name and address redacted]



Date: Friday, February 3, 2017 3:17 PM

LB Property Management Inc. 4730 Woodman Avenue, Suite 200 Sherman Oaks, California 91423/ Agent for Hi Point Apts, LLC

Dear LBPM Julie Cross, Robert Lopata, Gregg Bernstein, Brandon Stein, Brian Theobald, Ccam, Salle Yerumyan, Greg De Rubeis, et al:

A maintenance worker walks down the hallway past me. He is working on apt. 15. My apartment needs intercom repair and lead based peeling paint repair. The maintenance man works on an apt about 100 feet from me. Am I , as a Black, invisible in the United States of Anarchy? [“The Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison.] The maintenance worker passes by and ignores me.

The power of systematic racism; racism: I can almost reach out and touch it. How many white people do I have to talk to in this Third World Country in order to receive housing services?

1. I notice workers are onsite since around January 28, 2017 doing primary

renovations on apartment 15 without the required THP; I notice workers at apt 7

and apt 18 the last couple of days; today and yesterday workers were on the

property they say due to “fix plumbing problems in apt 13”. Yet in my apt 9, the

intercom remains not repaired/replaced and not maintained, and peeling lead

based paint in the bathroom remains unaddressed. WORKERS ARE HERE ON



2. My rent agreement clearly states that parking space #1 and #2 are available as

housing services. I still have not been provided with a tandem parking stall or

second parking stall.

3. A tenant does not need to be present for repairs to be made.

4. No one has obstructed the owner or any of his agents from entering the apt 9

from making repairs, and with the requested 24 hour written notice to tenants.

5. The city government Los Angeles has declared that a tenant is entitled to a reduction in rent for a reduction in housing services. The city government issued a CFO for 1522 Hi Point Street that included government authorization for the wiring of the intercom system.

My rent checks read “payment under protest” because you have still not fixed or repaired my intercom as required by the email from the County of Los Angeles circa December 2015, and as required by applicable city, state and federal law, and you have not provided me with the tandem parking stall as requested, nor have you provided me with the rent reduction and damages due to reduction in housing services, nor have you provided me proof as to which tenant was assigned to and parking in parking stall #8 from April 2010 thru March 2014.

What kind of animals are you?


All rights reserved.

[Tenant apt 9 name address and phone redacted]

cc: Hi Point Apts, LLC, Williams Real Estate Advisors, City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State of California, thru their attorneys emailed above.


Renee E Jensen,


Thomas L Watters


Martin Ageson,



Robert P Moore,


cc: Raymond Cervantes at HCIDLA; State Bar of California

Updated January 28, 2017

Subject: Illegal renovations in apt 15 is subject to Stop Work Order at 1522 Hi Point St Apartments 90035- today contractor on site Saturday

From: [tenant name redacted]



Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017 7:02 PM

Dear LBPM/agent for Hi Point Apts LLC:

Gaba notes that “we have gone and told the contractor to adhere to the hours you noted” and that “we will fine them if we see any violation”

As a follow up to my email earlier today, I share with you the email exchange with Catherine Gaba that occurred in 2015, as Gaba was an employee of LADBS, emails September 1, 2015 – October 5, 2015. I note that some have quoted LAMC section SEC. 41.40. NOISE DUE TO CONSTRUCTION, EXCAVATION WORK – WHEN PROHIBITED, which is a “noise” ordinance, not a construction ordinance. Gaba notes that in order for the repairs to proceed [apt 15 for example], there has to be a THP which allows the Housing Department to sign off on the permits. No THP for apt 15 that I know of, then there was no sign off on permits. Further Gaba indicates the hours of primary renovations, and related work, are Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm. No Saturdays or Sundays. She notes that “we have gone and told the contractor to adhere to the hours you noted” and that “we will fine them if we see any violation”.

The work being done today, according to Gaba, is not authorized as there was no sign off on the permits, and no primary renovation or related work is allowed on Saturdays or Sundays. Any work outside the permitted hours is subject to a Stop Work Order from the City. Please cease all work immediately at the property that is primary renovations related and occurring outside the permitted hours.

All rights reserved.

[Tenant name, address, phone redacted] 

cc: Hi Point Apts LLC Walter Barratt, Cliff Renfrew, Ali Mozannar [Phoenician Construction]


Penal Code Section 370: Anything which is injurious to health, or is indecent, or offensive to the senses, or an obstruction to the free use of property, so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by an entire community or neighborhood, or by any considerable number of persons, or unlawfully obstructs the free passage or use, in the customary manner, of any navigable lake, or river, bay, stream, canal, or basin, or any public park, square, street, or highway, is a public nuisance.

Attachments 2015-10-5 Email Gaba Verifies Hours Renovations.pdf (100.19KB)

Updated January 10, 2017

[Editor Note: Mayor Eric Garcetti, architect of the city failed rent control policies and corrupt THP program, is running for re-election March 7, 2017. There are better candidates running.]

Subject: Response to your Email of January 3 at 9:34 pm re my email “Harassment by Tenant at 7:50 a.m. ” Jan 3

From: [tenant name and email redacted]



Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 2:01 PM

LB Property Management Inc. 4730 Woodman Avenue, Suite 200 Sherman Oaks, California 91423

Dear LBPM Julie Cross, Robert Lopata, Gregg Bernstein, Brandon Stein, Brian Theobald, Ccam, Salle Yerumyan, Greg De Rubeis, et al, agent for Hi Point Apts, LLC, Walter Barratt and Cliff Renfrew:

1. Your email is reprinted at the bottom below.

2. You state: “There is no need to send us a legal dissertation when reporting incidents relative to your tenancy at the property. Facts are sufficient.”

My response: when the Blacks were being lynched and tortured by the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, and they stood all alone with no help from those around them and no help from those in superior positions, I am sure their families would agree that the facts were not “sufficient” to keep them from being lynched. When the Nazis were killing the Jews and others at the ovens of Auschwitz, I am sure their families would agree that the facts were not “sufficient” to stop the horrors they experienced. The facts of this situation at 1522 Hi Point, and the deprivation of rights I am experiencing, is proof that you and your company and your superiors need a legal dissertation about the United States Constitution and the federal and state and local civil rights laws. I have every right to assert my rights under the applicable protections of the law that I am entitled to as an American Citizen, no matter what country YOU claim to be from.

3. You wrote: “If you feel threatened, and or, this individual has committed a crime against you, you should contact the police immediately and file a report.” My reply: I have reported this to the police numerous times and nothing has been done nor have they responded to me. I am not going to jump thru hoops. I have also reported to you as I am obligated by law to do so.

4. You wrote: “If you have another similar interaction with this individual again, please send us the date/time and details so we can document the tenant’s file and take any necessary next steps as appropriate based on the information provided. A likely next step would be to send them a written warning, or notice to perform covenant or quit, again depending on the severity of the encounter and provided. It would also be helpful if you can provide a witness(es) that can support your claim(s).” My reply: For the safety of the white tenants in the building, and my own safety, you should have already talked to the tenant and documented this. My roommate witnessed a previous altercation with this white person and so did the manager apt 1, as already reported to you/Hi PointApts, LLC,which you should have on file. The fact you have not talked to the tenant already is a main reason why you need a legal dissertation.

5. Telling me I do not need to give you a legal dissertation to me I consider intimidation, harassment, and retaliation because I have opposed unlawful discrimination by Hi Points Apts, LLC and its agents, and because I have exercised my rights and duties under the rental agreement, and retaliation because I have filed code enforcement and rent control complaints.

6. Your email is not acceptable as a resolution to your unreasonable stance or other issues regrading my complaints against Hi Point Apts,LLC; let me know if I need to translate that legal dissertation.

All rights reserved.

[Name, address, phone redacted]

CC: Walter Barratt at email above

[Editor note: as of today’s date, Blackman tenant is still without a working intercom at 1522 Hi Point St Apartments 90035, without a tandem parking stall, and without the so-called rent reductions authorized by Mayor Eric Garcetti and the corrupt city council and the Los Angeles Municipal Code.]

Updated January 4, 2017

Subject: The Animal Shelter at 1522 Hi Point Apartments and Quiet Enjoyment

From: [tenant name and email redacted]



Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2017

LB Property Management Inc. 4730 Woodman Avenue, Suite 200                                   Sherman Oaks, California 91423

Dear LBPM Julie Cross, Robert Lopata, Gregg Bernstein, Brandon Stein, Brian

Theobald, Ccam, Salle Yerumyan, Greg De Rubeis, et al:

Without waiving any rights [as an American under the United States Constitution and federal, state, and local laws, such laws which you appear to be ignorant of], I bring a few issues to your attention.

1. I believe before the current owner purchased the building, pets were not allowed.

2. By the time the [new] owner allowed pets to tenants, I had already been a tenant for about four years. The owner made no attempt to compensate for the loss of quiet enjoyment, nor did he seek my opinion about other tenants having pets and the impact on the common areas.

3. A tenant having one or two small dogs is quite different than a tenant having five dogs of medium or large size.

4. A tenant having two dogs is different that a tenant running an animal shelter with dogs running up and down the hallway and barking.

5. The animal shelter is operated by tenant #1, which is directly across from my apartment which means I am probably most impacted.

6. The owner has installed wide angle peep holes in many doors but not mine so I am limited to what I can see directly in front of the door. If I open my door I am often met with the dogs so have to delay my exit time until the dogs have passed. Depending on whether the animal shelter enters the front or rear, I am impacted by the dogs.

7. Often I will hear the dogs barking in the hallway [leash or no leash I cannot tell] so I have to wait to exit because like I say I cannot see where the dogs are at because my peephole is limited.

8. My rental agreement does not mention that I am obligated to share the common areas with an animal shelter or dogs from non-tenants.

9. The dogs of non-tenants actually get to use the common area parking lot and hallways three or more times per day [and their clients presumably use the intercom] more than I do since I am not allowed to park my car in the lot at all nor am I allowed a working intercom.

10.Tenant #1 has expressed anger in the past he says because I have voiced my intercom, parking, and other complaints to management. As I talk to LBPM, and LBPM talks to Darren, then Darren retaliates against me.

11. I presume the animal shelter uses parking two stalls 13 and 12 or at least tenant #1 has parking for three cars. Tenant 9 myself only has a single stall for my roommate with no room for my car.

12. The city of Los Angeles unfairly tacked on $17.00 to my rent in 2015 to pay for the intercom and parking lot gate, such housing services I do not have the use of. Dogs from non-tenants benefit from the use of the intercom and parking before I can use them.

13. So besides a violation of my quiet enjoyment of the premises, my reasonable main concern about the animal shelter is are they licensed and is it permitted under the zoning laws?

All rights reserved.

[Tenant name and address redacted]

“The housing department has determined this building to be substandard per
section and 24436.5 of the State Revenue and Taxation Code. When a building is
determined to be substandard as defined under Section 17920.3 of the Health and
Safety Code, a notice of non-compliance is recorded at the Los Angeles County
Recorders Office (Health and Safety Code section 17985).” September 22, 2014.
Issuing inspector Richard Brinson, city of Los Angeles. “Notice and Order to

[Editor: this email has been redacted]

A Dog Gets better Treatment than a Black Tenant at Hi Point Apartments. Welcome to Los Angeles.

Racism Hi Point Apts

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