Discriminated against by Williams Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

LOS ANGELES- The owner of 1522 Hi Point Apts Walter Barratt says that Williams Real Estate Advisors (“WREA”) will take over the management of the property. It is presumed that WREA will continue the racist and retaliatory practices of the property owner. WREA supposedly manages over 400 properties and is presumed to be hired to make sure that Black tenants are DENIED “full and equal accommodations/advantages/facilities/ privileges/services”. WREA has been accused of sending apartment applicants to buildings that had been declared “substandard housing”  and not telling the tenants of the conditions.

Updated June 9, 2017


Subject: Maintenance Still Needed at 1522 Hi Point Street Unit 9

From: [tenant named and email redacted]

To: maintenance@williamsrea.com; walter.barratt@gmail.com; 1ccanary@gmail.com; mayor.garcetti@lacity.org; amozannar@gmail.com; robert.galardi@lacity.org; presiliano.sandoval@lacity.org; lee.smith@lacity.org; daniel.williams@lacity.org; bryan.kirkness@lacity.org; james.blythe@lacity.org;

Cc: welcomehome@williamsrea.com; thefirstjew@yahoo.com; naacpla@sbcglobal.net; info@da.lacounty.gov;

Date:   Friday, June 9, 2017 10:02 PM

Williams Real Estate Advisors Management Team Takes Over Racism Duties at Hi Point Apartments

1. Any emails previously forwarded to LB Property Management for any repair or other issues pending, I will be forwarding copies to Williams Real Estate Advisors, Inc. [“WREA”].

2. As late as June 6, 2017, I reported to WREA that the bathroom sink is not operating at the proper water pressure. When will the repair be addressed?

3. Everything in this unit for the use of the tenant should be in working order. The INTERCOM is not in working order. When will the repair or replacement be addressed?

4. It has been over 1125 days [over three years] since the owner and WREA first had actual and constructive knowledge of the need for intercom repair.

5. Your letter received June 9 2017 [redacted below] states that WREA is “happy” and that maintenance issues must be reported in writing to WREA and that emergencies are problems that will cause a safety hazard.

6. My understanding is that the INTERCOM system is for the safety and security of WHITE tenants, yet the system, under the over three year watch of WREA, remains not fully operational [three units are not working]. Yet you continue to collect my rent money without providing the needed repairs to the intercom, bathroom water, etc.

7. Most reasonable people would consider the INTERCOM system a safety housing service especially in view of the tenant who wrote the owner and others and government employees that there was the imminent danger from a “terrorist” in the building.

8. The INTERCOM is for the purpose of safety yet the WREA received June 9, 2017 letter does not mention the INTERCOM system that you are full aware of because the control box is at the front of the building in plain Public view and I am sure you advertised the INTERCOM as a housing service and privilege in order to get whites to lease apartments here.

9. You WREA states:  “feel free to call or email with any questions that you may have”; I have been doing just that for over three years but the INTERCOM is still not repaired or replaced. Your statement is in bad faith.

10. The WREA undated but received June 9, 2017 letter is not acceptable as a resolution to the issues at hand. There is a monetary cost associated with this email.

All rights reserved.

[Tenant name redacted]

Ham-Jew-Dna Kushite/Black

1522 Hi Point St

Los Angeles  CA   90035

c: NOI

WREA Gets Its Jollies Off By Torturing Blacks

[To above: WREA, Walter Barratt of Hi Point Apts LLC, resident manager Cynthia Ogan, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Ali Mozannar of Mozannar Construction, city employee Robert Galardi, city employee Presiliano Sandoval; city employees Lee Smith, Daniel Williams, Bryan Kirkness, James Blythe. CC: Los Angeles County District Attorney]


All Tenants

1522 Hi Point St.

Los Angeles  CA   90035

Dear Tenants,

I am happy to inform you that as of June 1, 2017, Williams Real Estate Advisors is now managing 1522 Hi Point St. Los Angeles California CA 90035. Please note the following:

Maintenance issues MUST be reported in writing immediately by email to maintenance@williamsrea.com. For maintenance emergencies call 310-987-7978 extension 2. Maintenance emergencies are problems that will cause a safety hazard to residents. Or imminent  damage to the property: thus,  it cannot wait until the next business day, for example: broken pipes, fire etc. Please do not leave voicemails to report maintenance issues.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions that you may have and I look forward to managing 1522 Hi Point St., Los Angeles, CA 90035.


Donald M. Williams

[signed but not dated]

Williams real estate advisers management team

2701 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 140

Santa Monica , California 90405

Office 310-987-7978/fax 310-460-0037

[Editor: Received by tenant June 9, 2017. This letter has been redacted]

[Editor: The next meeting of the NAACP will be held at the offices of Williams Real Estate Advisors.]





Update May 1 2017

Eric Garcetti and Matt Williams Told of Racism at Hi Point Apts

Inside Eric Garcetti’s Experiment on Blacks–

Will Blacks ever complain?


FROM: [Tenant name and email redacted]

TO: robert.galardi@lacity.org; mayor.garcetti@lacity.org; presiliano.sandoval@lacity.org; walter.barratt@gmail.com; hcidla.rso.central@lacity.org; lee.smith@lacity.org; daniel.williams@lacity.org; welcomehome@williamsrea.com; amozannar@gmail.com; 

CC: info@da.lacounty.gov;

DATE: Monday, May 1, 2017 8:27 AM


Dear Parties:

You have not answered my concerns about the lack of THP’s, for example the lack of THP for apt 11, formerly held by tenant M. London.

According to city ordinance and rent control regulations, so says Mayor Eric Garcetti, London should have received over $7,000 if she chose to permanently end her tenancy. London did end her tenancy. She did not receive the THP application nor did she receive the $7,000. London is an African American. If she chose to temporarily relocate and move into a renovated apartment #11, which it appears she may have, the owner was required to file an application for rent increase of 10%. No THP was filed with the city according to various city employees, and no application was filed for the rent increase. These all should have been publicly accessible documents in the Public Interest. I assume Garcetti knows who the Public is. For the sake of the District attorney, all names in the “to” line above should be questioned about the THP’s. By not getting the THP, London was denied due process by the property owner and government officials.

“You have not answered my concerns about the lack of THP’s, for example the lack of THP for apt 11, formerly held by tenant M. London. “

The District attorney and the Police are asked to investigate which city employees profited from the money that did not got to M. London, for example? Or where did the money go that was supposed to go to tenant #15, L. Sakuchi?

The city employees and the property owner/agents are asked the same question: why was the THP not filed and served since units #11 and #15 were occupied sixty days before the primary renovations started on those units?

I question why for the last three years the Police and District Attorneys office have been unable to investigate the criminal activity of government employees regarding this property and the illegal diversion of THP monies into the pockets of city employees and the city authorized contractors.

Let the District Attorney forward this matter to the Los Angeles Police so they can investigate and forward it to the District Attorney. Over the years I have given the DA enough names and sufficient evidence for them to take efforts to protect the rights of the tenants from criminal fraud; they should be questioning the city employees and not trying to harass me for reporting this crime.

“I question why for the last three years the Police and District Attorneys office have been unable to investigate the criminal activity of government employees regarding this property and the illegal diversion of THP monies into the pockets of city employees and the city authorized contractors.”

All rights reserved.

[Tenant name, address, phone redacted]

c: Williams Real Estate Advisors via email; State Bar of California; Los Angeles Times;
Mayor Eric Garcetti via email above; Mozannar Construction; NOI

Mozannar Construction Inc. is a California Domestic Corporation filed on October 17, 2016 . The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is C3955208.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Ali Mozannar and is located at 10721 Bloomfield Street Ste1, North Hollywood, CA 91602. The company’s mailing address is 10721 Bloomfield Street Ste1, North Hollywood, CA 91602.


[Editor note: City employees above are Robert Galardi, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Presi Sandoval, Lee Smith, Daniel Williams. None of these employees are able to order the intercom(s) repaired at Hi Point Apts nor order fair housing entitlements—after over three years! The above email has been redacted and is subject to a California Public Records Act request.)

About Williams Real Estate Advisors

“Matthew Williams

Matthew is the Principal and Founder of Williams Real Estate Advisors, Inc. He is responsible for day today operations, generating new business, quality control, and customer service. He has been in real estate for over 10 years. His past experience as a commercial mortgage banker and apartment broker provides him with unique insights into the long-range impacts of daily management decisions. He is a proud Pepperdine Alumni and enjoys hiking, running, photography, and community service.”

Update March 11 2017 Yelp Review

Terrible experience with this property management company.   Dealt with Jade and she would not even pick up the phone to have a conversation, she repeatedly responded through text even after numerous times of requesting a call.

Long story short.  I co-signed for my daughter.  The day my daughter was moving in, the apartment was a mess.  No shower head, the apartment was dirty and the bath tub was not re-glazed.  When this was brought to Jade’s attention, her response was “this is not a luxury apartment”.   We should have adhered to the red flags when dealing with Jonathan as we felt we were getting the run around.  I can’t speak for everyone that works at this property management company, I can only speak about those that I have unfortunate experience with.  VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.  THEY SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS TYPE OF BUSINESS.  They seem very immature to be in this type of position.  Renting to California Consumers is dealing with peoples lives.  We feel we have been mistreated and treated unfairly due to my daughter’s circumstances.  WE HAVE BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BY THIS COMPANY.  This is why California Law for residents was implemented to protect us from companies like this.

After advising Jade that we would be filing a complaint against this company, she quickly changed her mind and said that we would be let out of the lease, although her first reaction was she is not the one to speak with.

My advice to whoever is reading this.  Don’t deal with Jonathan or Jade from this company.  Very unprofessional.  It’s unfortunate that they manage the property at 140 W. Hoover St in Orange.  It is very clear that they think that anyone that would want to rent from this place is desperate from the comments that Jade has made.  People are people and should be treated with respect and kindess regardless of their walk of life.  Very unfortunate experiece.”

“WE HAVE BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BY THIS COMPANY.  This is why California Law for residents was implemented to protect us from companies like this.”

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