Election Claims Against City and County

LOS ANGELES- Claim for damages have been filed against the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles alleging damages due to election fraud in the 2020 election race.

The claim against the County of Los Angeles was dated Feb. 2, 2020, and County file number 20-1158110*001, filed 2/10/20. The claim against the City of Los Angeles, Election Division, was dated Jan. 22, 2020, for denial of equal opportunity conducted by select city funded Neighborhood Councils and political candidates.

Copies of the claim were made public by the City Clerk’s Office Los Angeles, in the city CPRA published to the internet, city number 20–944, originally dated February 9, 2020.

March 5, 2020


Subject: Attention Janetour, Colleen – New Complaints Filed re Unruh and Political Candidate

From: GJohnson

To: contact.center@dfeh.ca.gov
Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020, 01:10 PM PST


Complaints have been filed against the following.
Intake forms are included with each complaint, according to receipts I received from the DFEH.

1. Adams Neighborhood Council
2. Holman United Methodist Church
3. Ethiopian Political Party
4. FAME Church
5. Messop Ethiopian Restaurant
6. City Los Angeles Empowerment Department

All rights reserved.
Geary Juan Johnson
1522 Hi Point St 9
Los Angeles CA 90035


(The following is redacted)

FEBRUARY 2, 2020


12400 Imperial Hwy.

Norwalk, CA 90650


500 West Temple St. Ste 383

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Claim for Damages



Complaint for Denial of Equal Opportunity by Church and Neighborhood Councils- Civil Right Act of 1964

Complaint for Violation of the California Unruh Act, CC 51 et seq.

Complaint for Abuse of City Tax Dollars by Neighborhood Councils

Complaint for Violation of IRS regulations regarding Churches and Political Candidates

Complaint for damages by county employee Mark Ridley-Thomas for abuse of tax dollars used to participate in denial of equal opportunity to candidate G. Juan Johnson

Defamatory statements

Unfair Interference with the Election Process as to make the election results null and void

Intentional misrepresentation by Neighborhood Councils

Violation Los Angeles County Code of Ethics

Violation of Government Code 815.6

Conspiracy to violate rights by political candidate Mark Ridley-Thomas

Against Parties:

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, City of Los Angeles

Holman Church and all members and employees without limitation

First African Methodist Episcopal Church and all members and employees without limitation

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant

Ethiopian Democratic Club


City of Los Angeles, California

Spectrum News aka Charter Communications

LA County Board of Supervisors





GRACE YOO, attorney


1730 M Street NW, Suite 1000,

Washington, DC 20036-4508




were January 11, 2020, January 12, 2020, and  candidate forum for January 25, 2020,  for which certified election candidate G. JUAN JOHNSON has been excluded as of this date

A public entity is liable for failure to perform a mandatory duty.

The Los Angeles County Registrar has failed to perform the mandatory duty of updating the posted candidates list to its website.

The Los Angeles County Registrar has failed to act in an impartial manner to write in candidates myself and threatened to not post the name of qualified certified write in candidates.

This claim is based on all emails and letters listed, and if not attached, they are included by reference.

This claim is based on including but not limited to:

1. Email January 24, 2020 at 12:52 pm to the executive office of the board of supervisors;

2. Email and exchange January 31, 2020 from myself at 8:11 am subject “Election controversy that favors the regular candidates”. To numerous parties.

3. The county registrar proposes to send out sample and vote by mail ballots February 3, 2020, while it has not posted and accurate list of regular and write-in candidates to its website. See email January 31 for details.

4. Email to LA County registrar from me 10:43 am. January 31, 2020.

5. LA County Supervisor Mark Thomas-Ridley, a candidate, has acted improperly as a county and participated in three advertised candidate forums that violated his path not to participate in unlawful activity, not to participate in denial of equal opportunity to myself as a Black American and as a legally qualified candidate for political office.

6. Mark Ridley-Thomas has violated the county code of ethics, and legal and ethical conduct for county employees, or equivalent, by participating in three candidate forums that violated the intent and spirit of :

Section 73.1940 [47 CFR §73.1940]
Legally qualified candidates for public office

(a) A legally qualified candidate for public office is any person who:
(1) Has publicly announced his or her intention to run for nomination or office;

(2) Is qualified under the applicable local, State or Federal law to hold the office for which he or she is a candidate; and

(3) Has met the qualifications set forth in either paragraph (b), (c), (d), or (e) of this section.
(b) A person seeking election to any public office including that of President or Vice President of the United States, or nomination for any public office except that of President or Vice President, by means of a primary, general or special election, shall be considered a legally qualified candidate if, in addition to meeting the criteria set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, that person: (1) Has qualified for a place on the ballot; or

(2) Has publicly committed himself or herself to seeking election by the write-in method and is eligible under applicable law to be voted for by sticker, by writing in his or her name on the ballot or by other method, and makes a substantial showing that he or she is a bona de candidate for nomination or office

Communications Act of 1934, as amended (Title 47 United States Code)

“Discrimination between candidates. In making time available to candidates for public office, no licensee shall make any discrimination between candidates in practices, regulations, facilities, or services for or in connection with the service rendered pursuant to this part, or make or give any preference to any candidate for public office or subject any such candidate to any prejudice or disadvantage; nor shall any licensee make any contract or other agreement which shall have the effect of permitting any legally qualified candidate for any public office to broadcast to the exclusion of other legally qualified candidates for the same public office.”

7. Mark Ridley-Thomas has violated my rights to full and equal privileges as mandated under the state Unruh Act, by joining in and participating in denial of my right to equal opportunity at city Los Angeles government funded candidate forums. Ridley’s improper conduct was conducted as a county employee.

8. County employee and county Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, has violated his oath of office, by his actions as stated herein.

9. The LA County registrar has failed in its duty to “Serving Los Angeles County by providing essential records management and election services in a fair, accessible and transparent manner.” The LA County Registrar, by its actions herein, has failed to act in a fair, accessible, and transparent manner.

(redacted from email)

War with the Ethiopians

Certified Black candidate prohibited from speaking on the podium

I guess it’s wise to tell the story from the beginning. In 2018 September I decided to run for council person District 10 Los Angeles. I filed for my campaign committee and everything was in order. I was a candidate for purpose of raising contributions.

It was not until over a year later that candidates would be able to pick up nominating petitions and there was a three week window, which I was told was shorter than normal, to return the petitions with sufficient 500-1000 signatures. (1000 valid signatures and one would not have to pay the $300 filing fee). I did not gain enough signatures to qualify for having my named placed on the ballot for voters to choose from. But the city offers another way to receive votes and that is to have the voter write your name onto the ballot, also called a certified qualified write in candidate. I was able to qualify for that by filling out a few forms and paying $300. 

The list of candidates (non-write-in) was finalized December 13, 2019. I requested that write-in candidates be allowed to register right away but the city insisted that write-in candidates could not register until January 6, in my opinion as stated giving undue advantage to the non-write-in candidates.

Nevertheless, anyone keeping up with the election would see the list of candidates and a separate list of write-in candidates on the city clerk website. In other words, if candidates are being segregated from forums, it is not by accident.

Somewhere around there the community groups start organizing their candidate forums. There does not seem to be any local ordinances governing how the forums are run although some are run by city government compensated neighborhood councils. 

Around January 8, 2020, on FB no doubt, I learned that the League of Women Voters was holding a candidate forum, also sponsored by numerous neighborhood councils. (That story is told elsewhere on this site). But before that candidate forum would be held, another advertised “qualified candidate” forum would be sponsored by the Ethiopian Democratic Club of Los Angeles, their site saying they are a political party, and held at the  Messob Ethiopian Restaurant at 1041 S Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

Between Wednesday Jan 8 and Saturday Jan 11, I would post numerous times on the Ethiopian Democratic Club of Los Angeles and post messages that the League of Women Voters was planning to exclude me. There was no response from the Ethiopians. I did not see a phone number for their club but I did find an email Saturday morning, wrote them that I am a certified write in candidate and would like to appear on the podium. I received no response.

I arrived early at the event and spoke to one of the organizers named Ada. I told her who I was and I would like to appear on the podium with the other candidates. Don’t quote me but she made up every excuse in the book like “this is the first we have heard of you” “this forum is only for qualified candidates whose names appear on the ballot” etc. It seemed like the entire continent of Africa flashed before my eyes or maybe it was the entire population of Black US citizens. Nevertheless, I said to myself I will just go in and bide my time, maybe talk to someone else in authority.  I did talk with a few voters who said they had seen my Facebook posts about the campaign.

A few minutes into the presentations, I decided to speak. All the speakers (Grace Yoo, Channing Martinez, Melvin Snell, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Aura Vasquez) had microphones as well as the moderator. I was on the other side of the room and had to raised my voice to be heard, “I am certified candidate and I would like to be on the podium” which I repeated about three times. Well, it seemed like people came running out of everywhere, and I believe Ada asked me could she speak to me privately. I agreed and we went outside the rear of the restaurant. We were joined by another lady and then a man who said he was security. I repeated who I was and that I would like to be on the podium. Still another round of excuses from them, and they accused me of making a disturbance. I told them I was not making a disturbance and I did not appreciate being threatened (Ada said if you make another disturbance they would ask me to leave)  and I told them I would call the police to enforce my rights and they said go ahead. She said “You did not get here in time.” I said, “I am here now”.

So I went back in, heard a few more speeches, and as I walked out, I again said. “I am a certified candidate. I would like to be heard” a few times. I did not hear any of the candidates offer any assistance to me.

I think I have been traumatized. It’s like learning about a birthday party in your honor and you get there and they tell you to get out.

 I request the council suspend all candidate forums until all candidates are allowed to be on the podium.

This claim/complaint is based on the attachments.

(redacted. see attachments)

“Candidate assaulted at candidate forum. ” I attended the candidate forum today. I am certified and qualified as a candidate (write-in) by the city clerk office. I talked with representatives of the League of Women voters, the church, and West Adams Neighborhood Council, and they said I would NOT be allowed to speak on the podium with other candidates. I told them that was not acceptable. The hundred person plus crowd was told by the representative, “You are not qualified to speak.” I told her I was qualified. Two church security guards physically assaulted me by pushing me TWICE as I persisted to speak. They threatened to call the Police but didn’t. The forum was co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles, the Community Action Mobilization Team, West Adams Neighborhood Council and Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP. The forum took place at Holman Methodist Church, 3320 West Adams Blvd., 90018. 

As previously notified to city officials, on January 11, 2020, I was denied participation at a candidate forum sponsored by the Ethiopian Democratic Club. On January 12, 2020, I was again denied participation at a candidate forum sponsored in part by a number of city funded neighborhood councils. I believe these actions constitute interference with the election process, unethical conduct, defamation, denial of equal opportunity, and participation by candidates in denial of equal opportunity. Some of the groups claimed there was an election ballot. At the time of those claims, the election ballot had not yet been produced by the County. I will be filing a formal complaint.

Candidates Mark Ridley Thomas is listed as an LA County Supervisor, Grace Yoo as attorney, Melvin Snell as Human Rights Activist, and Aura Vasquez as LA City Commissioner. 

The actions stated herein were done with malice, with the intent to cause harm to the Claimant. This is a claim/complaint for continuing damages.


General damages

Nominal damages

Special damages

Exemplary damages

Punitive Damages

Cease and desist order

Additional damages requested:

(amounts requested have been redacted)

Attachments By reference:

  1. Email Friday, January 1, 2020 at 3:14 pm. Subject: “NC Obligations re Candidate Forums”
  2. Email to mayor and city council dated January 11, 2020 at 10:13 am. Subject: Re: Your Jan 12 Forum forwarded.
  3. Email to mayor and city council dated January 11, 2020 at 11:00 pm. Subject: Exclusion
  4. Excerpt Facebook page announcing Candidate Forum for Jan . 12 held by League of Women Voters and Neighborhood Councils. Three pages. Picture of five candidates show that G. Juan Johnson is excluded.
  5. Email January 15, 2020 at 3:42 p.m. Subject: Disqualification of Candidates Requested
  6. Email Response to city UNNC notice of candidate forum that excludes G. Juan Johnson. January 19, 2020 at 11:20 am. Subject: Re: A New Rep for CD-10? Come Meet the Candidates This Saturday (January 25). Includes email from UNNC showing pictures of five candidates and excluding G. Juan Johnson.
  7. Email dated January 20, 2020 from UNNC at 1:08 p.m. Meeting Agenda for January 21, 2020.
  8. Email dated January 19, 2020 at 5:45 pm subject: “Your Jan 25 Candidate Forum – to those who practice ugly segregation – denial of equal opportunity – Re: A New Rep for CD-10? Come Meet The Candidates This Saturday! “


  1. Email January 24, 2020 at 12:52 pm to the executive office of the board of supervisors;

2. Email and exchange January 31, 2020 from myself at 8:11 am subject “Election controversy that favors the regular candidates”. To numerous parties.

3.Email to LA County registrar from me 10:43 am. January 31, 2020.

Unruh-CC 51 et seq.

(b) All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, primary language, or immigration status are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever.

All rights reserved.

G. Juan Johnson

2020 Candidate Certified Qualified Write-in

(address and phone redacted)

Fair Political Practices Commission
1102 Q Street, Suite 3000
Sacramento, CA 95811
State Bar of California
180 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20220
Department Fair Employment and Housing
2218 Kausen Drive, Suite 100
Elk Grove, CA 95758
City Clerk
City of Los Angeles, California
200 North Spring Street Room 395
City Hall, Los Angeles   90012
Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
 Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N Spring St #2005,
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Los Angeles Times
202 W 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA   90012
United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council
420 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles  CA   90071
Messob Ethiopian Restaurant
1041 S Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles  CA   90019
Ethiopian Democratic Club
Holman United Methodist Church
3320 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90018
First African Methodist Episcopal Church
2270 S Harvard Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90018
(323) 735-1251
1730 M Street NW, Suite 1000,
Washington, DC 20036-4508

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