Move to Faircrest Heights? Yes or No?

December 1, 2018


Voters just approved the Propositions that will pump millions of dollars into Los Angeles for supposed new housing, affordable housing, veterans housing, etc. Few admit that the city already had ADEQUATE monies to accomplish these same goals. But now without much questioning, Los Angeles will receive millions $$$$$$. That may be good for developers and those who own these Mega properties and those government employees and related agencies, and especially good for them because of the lack of public oversight and accountability of these developments.

But will it be good for residents and tenants?


The biggest problem with housing services in Los Angeles is the racism and corruption that has existed for years. There is tremendous infighting with the rent control departments, code enforcement, and especially the planning and zoning departments. The government agencies say one thing on paper (“ordinances”) then do the opposite in practice. Much of the paperwork jungle is simply meant to confuse the Public. On top of all of this is the lack of accountability of the monies.

If you are buying a new home or condo, you may fare better. But the area you are in –like Faircrest Heights to a large extent—- will be designated a TOC (transit orientated community) where it will be easier to tear down and disturb residents peaceful enjoyment.

“Replace existing housing with the same unit types and affordability levels, to be verified by the Department of Housing and Community Investment.” That may be from the TOC guidelines but of course no one is going to authorize the “affordability levels” that rent control tenants now enjoy.

If you are a current senior citizen resident, who owns your own home, you are viewed by the government as expendable and a “useless eater”. Look around you and you will see Pico between Fairfax and La Cienega and (90035) all the side streets experiencing demolition. There will be less open green space, more dust and debris from construction, more car and foot traffic, more dogs, decreased parking, and increased infrastructure problems. Less green space and libraries for families. This will be experienced by new and old renters alike. But only the hi-income will have the ability to move to another city if the going gets rough.

Who are we building for? This housing is not for  the middle and low income and seniors and intellectually challenged. IT IS NOT AFFORDABLE HOUSING. So many high income people are coming into these neighborhoods and from where? The propositions passed allow the government to cap developments when the housing goal has been achieved but will government do that or just allow a lot of vacant high income units? Think about quality of life because you don’t hear that anymore. PacMan.


November 26, 2018

Happy Holidays!

The new low rent residents

Will you be the new “low income” and what $3,000 per month will NOT get you: respect, maintenance, housing services (City government under Mayor Garcetti and Herb Wesson said in a 2016 lawsuit that the city has a pattern and practice of racial discrimination against African Americans – lawsuit Defendants: CITY OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, [et al.] and DOES 1-10 inclusive. Case : 2:16-CV-03236-JLS-AJW, Central District Los Angeles, filed May 11, 2016.)

That is right. Those of you who move into your fancy new $2500 per month apartment ——-and non rent control—-will face rent increases and they won’t be 3% a year. Didn’t you know that when your lease is up, it may convert to month to month. Yes, the owner will attempt to make a deal with you and charge you less if you renew the lease instead of agreeing to the month to month. But you will pay for that deal: maybe $500 more per month. Then you will wish you had voted for that rent control law. But all is not bleak because unlike the real poor, you will have the money to move into another hi rent apartment and leave that nasty old landlord behind. In five years, when $3000 per month is the norm market rents, you will be the new low rent renters and face the harassment and retaliation that comes with being a low paying renter. For the developers, that is a positive for them.

Where will that money go?

Voters in California approved billions of dollars for veterans and affordable housing to who? Who are the developers that will be benefit? Will this money assure government accountability and fair housing to Blacks, Latinos, and the Jewish? Who are the developers?

A new DFEH complaint has been filed against Hi Point Apts LLC

the AAGLA, and the city government of Los Angeles- USPS proof of delivery number 9510 8142 4680 8309 1715 17; City claim for damages USPS 9510 8142 4680 8309 1715 24; and Department of Real Estate USPS number 9510 8066 6481 8303 0030 01. All tenants are named in all complaints.

2018-11-22 Tented and Demolish and HP

Wedged in between 1522 Hi Point St and 1542 Hi Point St is 1532 Hi Point St set for demolition. Will 1522 Hi Point St be next?


Is 1522 Hi Point St up for sale or demolition?

As seen on the internet, a city complaint has been filed to reduce all rents by 50% because the parking lot security lights and intercom are not fully functioning, and due to parking assignment complaints. Also, this building may be up for Sale/Demolition.

Picture of 1532 Hi Point St :  to be demolished

2018-11-22 Middle of 1532 Demolish

1532 Hi Point St 90035 to be demolished. Taken November 22, 2018. Who is next?

March 30, 2018

Links to this site appear in the March 29 2018 issue on page S12 of the                         USC Daily Trojan Housing Guide 2018

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE DETAILS CITY LOS ANGELES SUED OVER HOUSING DISCRIMINATION “Will this Court order all Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite/Blacks across America to be lynched because this Court feels Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite/Blacks are not entitled to protection under the United States Constitution and all laws?”  Court document 120, filed 10-11-17, page ID 2747-2748.

See the online issue of Random Lengths news [of San Pedro], Feb . 22 issue and page 17.

To see additional discussions about what is fair housing and to see copies of posted Videos, click   Youtube channel “Davey GJuanvalldez”


First, the entire State of California government, and city and county of Los Angeles is racially disposed against Blacks, and second, favors property owners as opposed to tenants. If you are thinking of renting and you are Black, forget the Faircrest Heights area. California government and business wants Blacks out of California and Los Angeles is the first testing ground. Institutionalized racism.

If you are a renter and move into a rent control or low income tax credit property, on paper you have more rights, but in reality the state, county, and local governments will fight you tooth and nail if you try to exercise those rights; they figure if you are in a rent control or tax credit property, you must be pretty unintelligent to begin with, so they f–k with you. The government is not on the side of tenants in California.

Asians and Whites are Favored

If you don’t care about diversity — and let’s be truthful, hundreds of thousands in this State do not believe in diversity — Faircrest Heights will be perfect for you. There is a not so hidden agenda that this area will favor Asians and Whites, in that order. Except for a few sprinkles, Latinos and Blacks, especially Blacks, are not on the radar. The next part of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s plan is that the low income and very low income, with the exception of a few concentration camps, will have no place in Faircrest Heights. Race first, money second.

There may be some pros and cons. This is a good time to buy anything brand new in this area. So if you see a property just built and listing for $1.5 million, grab it up. If it is new, that means that area is safe from construction for now. Every other parcel of land in this 90035 zip is up for grabs by the developer tear down so it is not a good time to rent an apartment or buy any old houses because you will be harassed by developers and government officials for the next ten years.

So after all is said and done, you still want to move to Faircrest Heights. What will you face over the next ten years? First, property values will go up up up and that will be good until the stock market crashes. Then you won’t be able to sell shit for the next five years. Second, the area will be 99% Asian and White. [No prejudice from me here, just stating what the developers and government officials want.] Third, DENSITY, DENSITY, DENSITY. It has already started. Almost every time a new home or development or apartment project goes up, five to ten street parking spaces are lost. It is very rare that city planning requires the newbies to INCREASE street parking. Everyone will suffer from the density as parking scarcity increases and tenants end up having to park two and three blocks from where they live.

As for new apartment complexes, if any, they will favor Asians and the upper income. For my money I would like to see Blacks survive in Los Angeles and not become an endangered species, so how about a law mandating that apartment complexes must set aside a minimum of 25% of units to Black tenants?

When people relocate from out of state, 99% of the time, they come with a car. Then they get a job and catch mass transit or carpool to work, and the car sits all day on the street.

Will residents be happy when they see all the single family home lots replaced with five to ten homes on a lot?

In a few very short years, Faircrest Heights will be just as crowded as Wilshire Koreatown. And then people will be looking for the NEXT  Faircrest Heights.


[By guest author J.J. McGillicutty]

Updated September 19 2016

Los Angeles, California officials say Black tenant treated as “Nigger” not entitled to full and equal housing privileges. Select tenants are named. United States Central District Court case CV16-03236 JLS. 


Filed May 11, 2016. Johnson v. City of Los Angeles, et al. Click below link for more information on the lawsuit:

Lawsuit Against Hi Point Apts, LLC et al.

Updated December 24 2016

Certainly tenants who are white at the property, and the non-Blacks, have the use and benefit of intercom and parking stall, and certainly those tenants reasonably and justifiably place significant and substantial importance on such housing services since they signed the lease and pay over $1700 per month for such housing services. I can hear the voices of those now long dead Blacks in Alabama, ‘Oh, Mister Charlie, I just want me an Intercom boss, and some maintenance, and maybe a parking spot for my car, I am on my knees begging you boss.’ And the white plantation owner smiles down on the Darky and whips him for daring to ask a question. Well what year was that? 2015? The plantation owner continues, ‘And don’t even think of going to court, Boy, cause we gonna lynch you before you get there!’

Taken from “How does a Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite Black American qualify for intercom?”  Click here to see page

Updated December 26, 2016

What rights does a landlord give up by renting to you?   Read this excellent site on Privacy


Racism Hi Point Apts


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