Pending RAC Complaints re 1522 Hi Point Street 90035

Update March 19 2016

Hi Point Apts is Unsanitary, Substandard, and Unsafe

LA county Public Health Feb 10 2016 have said they have no authority over the wiring in the 1522 Hi Point St 90035 building.

Health and Safety code 17920.3 sections(a)(13) and (d) and (i) give the city and county employees jurisdiction, but as of March 16 talk with city code enforcement, and after over two years of defective security system intercom wiring, government employees maintain they have no jurisdiction under H & S code 17920.3. City employee Richard Brinson, Le Taun J. Cotton, Veronica Bauchman, David Burkhead, Richard Jackson, and Udo O. Nwachuku all claim the city and county employees have no jurisdiction to enforce defective and improperly maintained wiring.

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Since there is general dilapidation abandoned vehicle and improper maintenance of the wiring and construction materials, the Health and Safety code 17920.3 declares the building to be “unsanitary” and “substandard” and “unsafe”. Tenant security is at risk.

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Update August 2 2015- 

[ Faircrest Heights ]

as emailed and posted to the internet:

My question to [Los Angeles] Mayor Eric Garcetti, Raymond Cervantes, Agassi Topchian* and Ian Yeom*, et al, is in these times of racial strife across this country of the United States, should any Black American be denied a housing service?”

…in these times of racial strife across this country of the United States, should any Black American be denied a housing service?”

Update July 13 2015- voicemail to code enforcement citing ‘racism’

Transcribed from Voicemail. Here the Voicemail at the Link below.* Regarding 1522 Hi Point Street aka “Hi Point Apts” and “Hi Point Apts LLC” Voicemail 7-9-2015 at 22:20 and 22:24.

You have reached the desk of inspector Richard Brinson with the Los Angeles City Housing and Community Investment Department, tenant habitability program, primary renovations. Please leave a message at the beep and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.”

[From tenant]

Hi, today’s date is July 9, 2015, and this call is to Raymond Chan thru the phone number of Richard Brinson, and the number that I am calling is 213-252-2883, that is the City of Los Angeles government number.

I have received voicemails from Mr. Brinson and others the last two months but they are not acceptable as a resolution to the Complaints herein. To Raymond Chan, Director, If Not for Racism. Your recent voicemails have been received and they are not acceptable as a resolution.

1. I am still denied a housing service/privilege tandem parking stall.

2. I have still not received a reduction in rent due to loss of parking stall from stall #14 to stall #8, a tandem stall to a single stall; this is a habitability complaint

3. I am still denied a housing service and habitability working intercom

4. The owner miscalculated the annual 3% rent increase for June1 and I have notified him and LAHCID. I will forward you a copy of the rent check cashed June 1 2015. The owner has not made the correction or provided a rent reduction. This is also a habitability complaint

5. I am still denied a rent reduction due to loss of working intercom                             [rent reduction as required by LAMC section 151 et seq.]

6. Each month I pay rent on the 1st is an illegal rent increase

7. I have not received a rent reduction due to shared utilities

8. I have not received treble damages due the rent stabilization

ordinance violations stated herein.

9. I have also been damaged by illegal cumulative rent increases

10. A lack of response from all parties to these issues has violated my quiet enjoyment of the apartment unit

I believe the reason why the owner has refused to comply with the above and the reason why the LAHCID has refused to protect me from the risk of injury and conduct reasonable diligence in this regard above is because I am Black, and because I have complained that the RAC and property owner/agents are racist towards me.

I have written LAHCID numerous times over the past 13 months, as well as left voicemails, and first class mail. There still has been no good faith response/resolve. How do you suggest we resolve this matter? If I call you every hour, will that help resolve this? If I come to LAHCID headquarters every hour, will that help resolve this matter? If I come down to LAHCID and picket in front with a poster that states “LAHCID Racist Against Blacks“, will that help resolve this matter?

If not for racism, what is the reason why the LAHCID has refused to enforce the city rent stabilization regulations as regards the above complaints? This call is from tenant apt 9, July 9, 2015.”

Recording has stopped…Message left.”

[Previously sent by email and first class mail and also to Code enforcement. c: Mike Feuer, City attorney; State Bar Complaint; Site manager Marilyn London, via email ; Mayor and City Council via email to council president Wesson;  California Department of Fair Employment and Housing .The Mayor of Los Angeles is Eric Garcetti. The Governor of California is Edmund “Jerry” Brown. Raymond Chan is the director of city LAHCID. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has refused to process this as a discrimination complaint.]

Voicemail audio file – call to LAHCID code inspector Richard Brinson July 9. Note that this is one of many calls over the past 12 months to code enforcement. Various inspectors have been inside the buildings at least fifteen times over the past 12 months. The intercoms for select tenants remain unrepaired.

Voicemail to city LA Inspector re 1522 Hi Point

Update April 20 2015

Welcome to Los Angeles.

Won’t you please join us for tea 

and discrimination?

[Redacted from an email dated April 19 2015 to Department Fair Employment and Housing and the Housing Rights Center.]


From approximately March 2014 to August 2014 the building was without a resident manager.

This affected about seven tenants. The RAC ordered a rent rebate and I was the only one who received the check. The remaining tenants Apts 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, and 18 did not receive a rent refund from the owner.

Of those tenants, two are white and seven are minorities.


Ten tenants of the Causasian race have working intercoms.

Two tenants of the Caucasian race have no working intercoms.

Over 80% Caucasian tenants have working intercoms.

Three Asians have working intercoms.

One Asian does not have a working intercom.

Three tenants Black race have working intercoms.

Ten tenants Black/Hispanic do not have working intercoms.

Over 80% Black tenants do not have working intercoms.

[Figures are approximate]


2 Caucasian tenants have not received a rent reduction for non-working intercom

10 Black/Hispanic tenants have not received a rent reduction for non-working intercom

80% of Black/Hispanic have not received a rent reduction due to non-working intercoms.”

from a tenant at Hi Point Apts.

[Based on documents forwarded to the Mayor Eric Garcetti and Council and Rent Adjustment Board members.]

Gentrification discrimination occurs because it has the help of  government officials and government funding.

Should white tenants have a working intercom solely because they are white?

Is the money of Black tenants not good enough  for them to have working intercoms?

Can you say ‘Racism’ ?


Black Tenants Protest Rent Increase at Gentrification Neighborhood            [Jan 4 2015]

Hi Point Apts is the subject of a protest by African American tenants against a proposed rent increase by the owner. [December 2014]. There is some indication that tenants want the cost of repairs to a recent door keypad passed onto the newer more affluent tenants. Most of the newer tenants are non-African American. If you are a tenant who wishes to oppose the rent increase,  reference Case CA050505 and please contact Los Angeles Housing Department Scott Matsunaga at 213-928-9063 or email:

Other Pending Issues at

1522 Hi Point

These are the pending issues that have been turned over to the Rent Adjustment Commission’s Armida Olguin-Flores and Aracely Gonzalez; city attorney Mike Feuer; code enforcement inspector David James; Hi Point Apts LLC owner Walter Barratt, and employees Gianni Capaldi,  Cliff Renfrew, et al.:

REDUCTION OF RENT  due to un repaired door entry system. Pending since April 2014. Owner has arbitrarily installed entry systems for some tenants while denying the repair of entry system to others. RAC regulations says tenants are entitled to a rent reduction but the order has yet to be issued.

REDUCTION OF RENT due to reduction in parking. Pending since April 2014. Owner arbitrarily reduced parking for certain tenants who had tandem stalls; they were threatened with eviction notices. Some tenants clearly received a  housing service of parking two  cars in the building lot for years.  The city government has refused to acknowledge the parking code which clearly defines “tandem” parking stalls in residential apartments. RAC regulations says select tenants are entitled to a rent reduction of $200 per month but the order has yet to be issued.

LACK OF DOUBLE STRIPING parking stalls. Another example where code enforcement refuses to follow their own regulations.

TANDEM STALLS not in compliance with the parking code. Another example where code enforcement refuses to follow their own regulations.

NO PERMIT FOR construction of brick wall. Another example where code enforcement refuses to follow their own regulations.

RENT REDUCTIONS due to lack of resident manager. In this rent control building there had been no resident manager since around March to August 2014. The owner had refused to provide a rent reduction to tenants. Finally after one tenant persisted, rent control on August 11, 2014 ordered the owner to provide [an extremely small] rent reduction refund checks to many tenants. As of today September 28, 2014, only one tenant out of 18 has received the refund check. The owner also waited past the 10 day deadline to tender the check. RAC and the owner refuse to verify did other eligible tenants receive the rent control check. [The owner had protested paying the rent reduction saying there were less than 16 units occupied at the time; the owner was mistaken because the city fire code regarding resident managers applies  to number of units and not number of tenants.]

[ The HI POINT APTS LLC state ID is 201406410177]

LA Rent Control The Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC) Rent Control Los Angeles rent-controlled LA Rent Control The Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC)

Updated December 24 2016

Certainly tenants who are white at the property, and the non-Blacks, have the use and benefit of intercom and parking stall, and certainly those tenants reasonably and justifiably place significant and substantial importance on such housing services since they signed the lease and pay over $1700 per month for such housing services. I can hear the voices of those now long dead Blacks in Alabama, ‘Oh, Mister Charlie, I just want me an Intercom boss, and some maintenance, and maybe a parking spot for my car, I am on my knees begging you boss.’ And the white plantation owner smiles down on the Darky and whips him for daring to ask a question. Well what year was that? 2015? The plantation owner continues, ‘And don’t even think of going to court, Boy, cause we gonna lynch you before you get there!’

Taken from “How does a Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite Black American qualify for intercom?”  Click here to see page

Rent Control Los Angeles rent-controlled LA Rnt Control The Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC) Rent Control Los Angeles rent-controlled LA Rent Control The Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC) Rent Control Los Angeles rent-controlled LA Rent Control The Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC) Rent Control Los Angeles rent-controlled

LA Rent: Has rent control been successful in Los Angeles? Evictions from rent-controlled units on the rise in L.A. LA Rent Control The Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC) Rent Control Los Angeles rent-controlled Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions – Landlord/Tenant Department of Consumer and Business Affairs LA Rent Control The Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC) Rent Control Los Angeles LA Rent Control The Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC) Rent Control Los Angeles


3 Responses to Pending RAC Complaints re 1522 Hi Point Street 90035

  1. This was not something I wanted to discover, as I have another inspection coming on the 20th, by the Code Enforcement Agency. The inspector who will be inspecting it is the same bastard who ‘inspected’ my unit on January 6th of this year. I moved in just one week after this, and immediately all the violations that were complained about by previous tenant are still there. I have tried to speak with HCIDLA but they are not helpful–and have proof of the Health Department being up to no good as well–knowingly and willingly reporting lies to their superiors. I have two babies being affected by this… One is only 2 months old..

    It has been so bad, that I have emailed EVERYONE in HUD, HCIDLA, and a majority of the federal government, and state government and county government…

    Still waiting for help, as my two children get eaten alive.

    The following is what I had emailed to so many.. I got 2 responses back, both of them bot emails that didn’t address anything specifically.

    Presidents, Vice Presidents, Heads, Seniors, Chiefs, Deputies, Managers, Supervisors, Mayors, Attorneys, Lawyers, Doctors, Friends, Enemies, Workers, Colleagues, Neighbors, Owners, Landlords, writers, newsman, reporters, editors, Officials, Senators, Countrymen, Fellow-citizens, Brothers, Sisters, and Family

    I preface the following with the explanation that the general nature of this address is not the working of advertisement, spam, nor any other commercial interest, it is not a result of laziness and is in no way in the interest of inhumanity, but rather is a consequence resulting from the urgency of this matter and the negligence of those capable of reconciliation.

    I, Joshua Scott Wood, write to you on behalf of Nidia Azucena Escobedo, my fiancée and the mother of my two children, as she is in a condition that would not warrant much coherency. Her postpartum depression has covered her in darkness, her chronic stress has me fearing for sudden stroke, the tension created by hardship has in turn created turmoil in our family and our relationship, at a time when cohesion is needed most. A great injustice has fallen upon us, and it seems that there is no one to help.

    Our second child, Ethan Anthony Wood, was born on December 7th, 2014 after tormenting his mother for 9 long months, and though he was born early, he was born a healthy baby boy and is still today and fine example of a healthy baby.

    His mother however, as I have already alluded to, has suffered significantly. This second pregnancy proved worse than the first, with her developing high blood pressure and sciatica in the final two months, placing her in bed with orders from the doctor to get up only to use the restroom. With a 15 month old baby, (our first, Riley) running around and me off at work, you can imagine how dreadfully impossible this was, and despite my concern she ignored the doctor’s direction until she could no longer bear the pain. I eventually had to take leave from work to help her out, and though it would be tough, we knew we had each other and everything would be alright.

    What we did not know was the pending eviction my mother neglected to inform us about. What we did not know was that my mother had become bitter, had turned against us because we wished to move out on our own and start our own lives. As insane and crazy as it sounds, it is the truth, and no one wishes it wasn’t so more than I. Ethan was scheduled to be born on the 18th of December, but due to her blood pressure, she went into the hospital on the 6th, and by the 7th little Ethan was with us. Our joy however was short lived, as the following day my mother gave me a piece of news that I still struggle to be a fragment of reality: “On December 18th, we will be evicted. You and your wife must go too.”

    That was all that was said. There was nothing more to say, and even after she hung up the phone I could not find the words to express what was inside of me. It was unbelievable.

    For 35 days we were homeless, we traveled up and down Los Angeles, with me finding myself acquainted with stranger and stranger forgotten citizens of the City Of Los Angeles, until we were able to find a place—with the help of many. And as short as that sentence was, it is nothing compared to how long that period seemed. Everyday we were at the mercy of fate—the littlest of things puffed us up big and proud and happy, but just as easily another little thing could (and often did) cut us down and render us insignificant. On January 13, 2015 we signed the lease, and by the 16th we had moved in, with little more than the clothes on our backs. To see my eldest son Riley walk about the empty apartment, talking in his baby talk so many indecipherable things, waving his arms this way and that brought tears to my eyes, and when I looked at Nidia she was crying too. It felt so good and wonderful and sad all at the same time.

    Two days later, however… We discovered why the apartment had not been rented. Bed Bugs. In July 2014 the prior year, the previous tenant had fled the apartment, leaving everything behind because of these Bed Bugs—and after ten years of occupancy. The landlord did nothing. . . And here, six months later they were still prevalent.

    It has become a nightmare. We have now paid for an apartment we cannot live in, and cannot possibly keep our children in. It is almost as if we are worse off than before, as we have a year lease with the landlord for a dwelling that is inhabitable. No one will take us in, as they too fear getting inflicted with bed bugs. I feel like a leper. We have tried to stay in a hotel, but obviously lack the funds for this, and of course the landlord is not willing to foot the bill. Our car is infested with bed bugs.

    DPSS will not help us, they feel that we are not homeless, despite documentation proving our apartment is not habitable.
    HDICLA will not help us, they give us the run around and transfer us to different sections of their department.
    Jose Huizar will not help us, in fact I doubt he even knows of our plight, as his secretary is unapproachable.
    The Mayor of Los Angeles has not responded, nor has the City Attorney.
    Passageways relays us information regarding 2-1-1, an already exhausted option.
    Jewish Loan Foundation has not responded.
    Volunteers of America can be reached, but they do not follow up.
    2-1-1 has no further help, 3-1-1 has none either

    We have tried anywhere and everywhere. We have tried every loan and everything we can think of. We have no home, once again—despite our every effort to obtain permanent, safe, housing for our children. We have tried to reach our City Officials—but they turn a deaf ear to our cries.

    The history shown with this landlord illustrates that though he may play ignorant to the situation, he is in fact well aware of the things that he does. He is well aware that doing the least possible shows that he is not entirely negligent, and apparently in today’s court systems that sort of thing is ok, as eventually a tenant will no longer be able to/will no longer wish to pay for their apartment, after which they will be evicted for nonpayment of rent.

    There is nothing to say to this, as nonpayment is nonpayment—even if justified.

    Please. . . help.

    —Joshua Scott Wood

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