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October 16, 2018

I tried to tell a neighbor about crime in the area. This is the response I received from him,  as told to the Mayor and City Council, and Association of Apartment Owners of Los Angeles.


SUBJECT: Resident with Dogs Reveals Racial Hatred on Hi Point St Against Blacks who Complain about Racism and Code Violations

FROM : (Tenant 9 name and email redacted)


DATE: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 12:44 PM


To whom it may concern:

I have lived in Los Angeles since about 1999. I have lived on Hi Point St since 2010. I see tenants move in and out. Maybe 30% of the time I will recognize tenants in the immediate area or recognize when new tenants move it. This areas is slated for gentrification projects so there is a lot of new tenants in and out.

I like the study of nationalities and cultures. Sometimes knowing where a person is from will help as a guide to a person’s lifestyle and opinions. This information can be helpful as a marker, not as a stereotype: the well to do may have one attitude to laws while a person from a less affluent economic background may have a different attitude than the affluent.

About 7:45 am I exited the building on my way to work. I saw a neighbor with two dogs, one white, and they were shitting on the grass of the property I live at. The person was about aged 38, about six feet tall, and appeared to be of middle eastern descent, not white, not Black or Latino. I mentioned (this is not entitled to be a transcript) that crime was up in the area and that he should be careful. He kinda shrugged that off with a small but misleading smile, then said that I was “negative”. I perceived I was being constructive so I asked what he meant by “negative”. I have seen this guy recently but never talked to him. People will walk their dogs from blocks away from other areas so it is possible he does not live on the street. I imagined I had seen what appears to be a middle eastern family move in months ago in a big house at the corner of Hi Point and Airdrome. He answered my question and said he had seen my car driving up and down the street and he had seen me protesting walking around with signs ( I do have a protest sign that reads “Google Racism Hi Point Apts”) and seen information on the internet. I asked why did he perceive that was “negative”. He continued that many in the neighborhood perceive I am negative. I asked him what he means by “negative” being that I am exercising rights of freedom of speech under law and protesting housing discrimination and I told him he was “irrational”. He continued saying that I was negative, never explaining the why of how reading public government documents and newspaper articles on the internet constitutes me personally being negative. I told him he was engaged in unlawful retaliation because I have exercised my rights to complain about housing discrimination and code violations. Both of us were raising our voice at that point. I asked him what is “negative” about protesting racism but he did not respond. I told him I had to leave for work but he kept lambasting me in hate crime style; I told him I would see him again. I told him, “Walk away, please walk away.” He said he would not walk away and that he did not want me to talk to him. I asked him why and he accused me of harassing him and that he would call the Police. I told him to go ahead and call the police. I told him I am simply exercising the same rights he has as an American to complain. I was wishing he would call the police so he could explain where he lives and why he is objecting to a Black man like me driving down the street I live on.


This person today is proof of the racism and retaliation that exists in this neighborhood. Such conduct is not acceptable. I am sure I will see him again because I guess his dogs like shitting on my property.

All rights reserved.

(tenant 9 name and phone redacted)

Commentary as seen on Facebook:

Maybe this person is from a country where they don’t approve of freedom of speech; maybe he is from a country where racial and religious retaliation is allowed. Since he claims to have seen the internet websites, I imagine he feels it is ok to deny Blacks and Latinos housing services due to their race, that he feels it is ok to violate tenant rights under rent control, I guess he believes it is ok to deny Blacks housing services but continue to take their rent money. Racism is illegal as a hate crime, and illegal as to housing and employment. This person today proves there is a lot of work to be done in Los Angeles. Also, I have received numerous complaints that the City various agencies refuse to release routine information to citizens and hide behind the CPRA and still refuse to release information. I fight that the CPRA act and related agencies will be gutted and revamped so that all requested public records act requests are filled without racism being a factor.


October 13, 2018

[Based on the September 20 2018 meeting of the Wilshire Community Police Advisory Board]

More gentrification density means more crime: here come the white people’s projects

(This is an opinion piece.)

All citizens are encouraged to attend and participate in CPAB meetings to hear safety initiatives, crime updates, and meet your neighbors.

AT CPAB meetings, officers pass out copies of crime statistics for the previous one week period.  Reports show a rape occurred at Pico and Saturn at 2:00 am on September 14, 2018.It was announced at the meeting that certain types of crimes like burglaries are up 30% in the Wilshire Division area which includes the Pico-Fairfax area. Residents were advised to make sure all building and car doors are secure.

The Wilshire Division and West Traffic Division will have an Open House free on Sunday October 21, 2018 at 12 noon – 4 pm with food and live entertainment. At 4861 West Venice Blvd (East of La Brea).

Due to an increase of certain types of crime in the area, it was announced that the area will receive ten more police officers after January 2019.

“…burglaries are up 30%…”

As everyone knows, an increase in density can affect an increase in crime. More high density gentrification means more crime.

In other news, in one part of the yet to be voted on “Proposition 10 “Affordable Housing Act”, it states, “In accordance with California law, a landlord’s right to a fair rate of return on a property shall not be abridged by a city, county, or city and county.” What the hell does that mean? Will all retail store owners be entitled to that same privilege? Will the city be entitled to review the accounting books of landlords?


Support G. Juan Johnson for election to council district 10 in the year 2020.






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