White tenants pay for racism but like getting screwed out of their money

The tenant for life ordinance.

As told to the Los Angeles City government August 2019.

 Communications with city employees

Denial of housing services

* The intercom system unit 9 and outside the building is unusable. The intercom needs repair * Unit 9 tenants are still being denied a tandem parking stall
* The back interior stairs remain unstable and need repair as they are dangerous wobble when walking on them

Los Angeles –

White tenants pay for racism at Hi Point Apts 90035

Numerous Black tenants at this property were never given the THP application which would have included a tenant “buyout” provision. The city government has admitted in court papers that the city and owner of this property practiced unlawful housing discrimination against Black tenants and denied housing services. White people: your rent money subsidizes the owner to discriminate against Black tenants. Don’t you get it ?

White people love getting screwed out of their money

It is a quandary. Bernie Madoff comes to mind, so does the Los Angeles District Attorneys office who knows about plenty of white people getting screwed out of their money. White people have moved out of this 1522 Hi Point St 90035 address because they knew the owner was screwing them out of maintenance; they know the owner was charging an illegal rent because their were no THP’s for prior units. In a March 6, 2017 letter on Mayor Eric Garcetti letterhead and signed by city employee Robert Galardi and copied to city employees Rushmore D. Cervantes, Roberto Aldape, Daniel V. Gomez, and David Whitehurst, the city admitted there were no THP’s filed for 15 units in the building.  Not just was the owner prohibited from proceeding with renovations due to no THP’s for at least ten units — but he proceeded anyway — Galardi said the units were “vacant”. If they were declared “vacant”, then the new tenants were not supposed to be charged any rent at all. But also, if there were no THP, the owner was not supposed to raise the rents pass what the previous tenants paid. A number of white tenants moved out due to this fraud, but numerous white tenants did not vacate and like they say, the whites keep coming. Of course white people love to trust other white people (like they trusted Madoff) so when the resident manager and owner do not tell them what they can read here, they believe them. Too bad for them, huh, because that is how the owner gets over, because white tenants support his lying, cheating, and stealing. City government officials knew about this property, took no action except to say go ahead and cheat those tenants, the city admitted in court papers that they unlawfully discriminated against and cheated tenants at this property, but the city government wrote that the city did nothing “unlawful”. The city knew that tenants were paying an illegal rent of $650 per month for upwards of three years and the tenants would be entitled to full reimbursement and double damages, but the city took no action for the Hi Point St tenants. Applicable tenants could be entitled to back rent of over $46,000 each.

And whites keep moving into this building. The intercom system — a safety feature for whites —is not fully operational; the resident manager and code enforcement declared the building unsafe recently; the parking lot security lights are not fully functioning, some of the tandem clad numbering is missing from the building, and there is an abandoned vehicle in the parking lot for three years; there are numerous code enforcement complaints filed —The resident manager Cynthia Ogan threatened to sue tenants who complain about her dogs– and she claimed she would name other tenants as witnesses. And WHITES CONTINUE TO PAY RENT.


Pay for managers

At least three resident managers were told that according to city regulations, they should be getting “free” rent at this property. But the owner never gave them the free rent. For God’s sake, how many white people can you cheat before they will complain?

Current rents

Based on the city’s CPRA release of the rent registry January 8, 2018, these are the rents not current but the last released ones by unit number: (1) $1800 (this figure is not correct because the resident manager is supposed to get a rent reduction); (2) $1795 (3) $1775 (4) $1775 (5) $1415 (6) $1750 (7) $1800 (8) $1398 (9) $1333 (10) $1800 (11) $1950 (12) $1775 (13) $1775 (14) $1837 (15) $1800 (16) $1775 (17) $1750 (18) $1802. Note: these rent amounts are not current because so far the city rent control department refuses to release the current amounts.

The gentrification bulldozers are coming

Within a few months, construction may start at the corner of Hi Point and Saturn 90035. If you are used to parking on the street, those days are coming to an end unless residents call City Councilperson Herb Wesson and request permit parking. Across the street on Hi Point, houses at 1507 and 1511 have already been sold and will soon be demolished, taking out more parking spaces. The city RAC rent control regulations has valued off-street parking spaces in this area at $200 per stall per month so if you have off-street parking, hold onto it. Here is a picture of the two houses to be demolished.

2018-6-23 Pic 1511 Hi Point for Sale




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