Hong Kong Pershing Square and LA Housing

City to meet to hear harassment concerns on May 7

City told of denial of housing services 


“What homes look like in the world’s most expensive city”


Los Angeles Pershing Square Studios at $2695






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The latest issue of Tenant News 90035

Click Here




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City refuses to respond to CPRA Requests

January 12, 2019. Updated CPRA Page. City records refuses to release rent registry information – CPRA

LADBS Receives CPRA complaint. Tenant asks that employees be terminated who refuse to respond to CPRA requests.

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Support 2020 Johnson for Council District 10

Sign up now for the nominating petition

THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL. Anyone wishing to contribute any amount of dollars, please contact me for the “contributor contribution form”. Volunteers or those who want to sign the nominating petition November 2019, please provide your name email and/or phone by contacting the campaign committee at the following email or phone and we will get in touch with you by November for you to sign the nominating petition: 2020committeetoelectjohnson@gmail.com
Phone 323-498-3225

To make a campaign contribution, use Paypal and send to this email:


Support G. Juan Johnson for Council District 10.


Johnson for 2020 council district 10

Los Angeles

Reference the City of Los Angeles Ethics Commission. Per the candidate, contributions of $5.00 per individual are preferred, but not to exceed $95.00 for each separate contribution. A monetary contribution of $100 or more must be made by a written instrument that contains the name of the contributor and the name of the payee, and it must be drawn from the account of the contributor or an intermediary. Contributions of $100 or more made by money order, traveler’s check, or cashier’s check cannot be accepted, even if the name of the donor and payee are included. A contribution may be made via short message service (SMS), multimedia messaging service (MMS), or other similar text messaging technology, but it may not exceed $30 per person, per election. Note that the maximum contribution per election per individual is $800.00. Contributions of $5.00 per person may enable the candidate to apply for matching funds. To contribute by personal or business check, please email the candidate committee for instructions. State ID number 1413039.     Here is the email to make contributions through Paypal:       2020committeetoelectjohnson@gmail.com

You can also make campaign contributions on the campaign website where there is a “Donate” button.

To contribute without going to the campaign website, click on this link

Contribute to 2020 Elect Johnson for Council District 10


[This page is not authorized by the candidate or the “2020 Committee to Elect Johnson for Council District 10”]
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REAP complaint at Hi Point Apts

Los Angeles- Rent reductions of 50% are demanded for all tenants in REAP complaint filed with the City. REAP complaint filed against Hi Point Apts

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Whites deny Blacks public accomodations

July 31, 2018. Page updated on tax credit blog. “AAGLA member says no fair housing for Blacks”     https://wp.me/PGSki-2B

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The KKK Intercom at Hi Point Apts 90035

Owner Walter Barratt can be reached at (310)895-6693 . City records refuses to release rent registry information

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