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As told to the Los Angeles City government August 2019.

 Communications with city employees

Denial of housing services

* The intercom system unit 9 and outside the building is unusable. The intercom needs repair * Unit 9 tenants are still being denied a tandem parking stall
* The back interior stairs remain unstable and need repair as they are dangerous wobble when walking on them

Updated October 13, 2018

[As published in the Aug 9-22 Issue of Random Lengths newspaper and online. Page 19]

Letter to the Editor:

“…immigrants will suffer housing discrimination gentrification…”

Our “ability to imagine ourselves in the shoes of others”. President Barack Obama in your June 28 issue. Indeed, can we imagine a California where immigrants will suffer housing discrimination gentrification—-“voter approved” measure JJJ —- and suffer impediments to employment because new apartment developments restrict parking to one half stall per tenant.

I agree with your editorial May 31 “Homeless Once Again” : “this is not by accident, but it is a result of structural racism that persists still.”  In Mayor Eric Garcetti’s webpage Quarterly Report Latest Status Report – July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2017.pdf : “resolved 19,019 tenant complaints, resolved 10,078 illegal eviction complaint cases, secured $23.2 million in relocation assistance for 1,859 families, and restored 31,854 rental units to safe living conditions”.  Wow!

“…Garcetti’s $100,000 code enforcement/rent control employees refuse to address racial inequities…”

I live in an 18 unit building where some tenants have been skipped over for housing maintenance and tandem parking  — for years — damaged at over $350 per month,  yet  Garcetti’s $100,000 code enforcement/rent control employees refuse to address racial inequities, also a criminal matter.  Garcetti and Robert Galardi, writing in 2017, said tenants never received the THP application, and repairs proceeded without the THP. With no THP, landlords were prohibited from raising rents on new tenants, but landlords raised rents anyway. If a tenants paid an “illegal rent” overcharge of $600 per month, tenants would be owed $600/36 months/double or $43,000. 

As the Random Lengths May 31 apropos editorial cartoon appraised this catastrophe, “Abandon all your rights ye who enter here”.

G. Juan Johnson

March 30, 2018

Links to this site appear in the March 29 2018 issue on page S12 of the                         USC Daily Trojan Housing Guide 2018

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE DETAILS CITY LOS ANGELES SUED OVER HOUSING DISCRIMINATION “Will this Court order all Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite/Blacks across America to be lynched because this Court feels Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite/Blacks are not entitled to protection under the United States Constitution and all laws?”  Court document 120, filed 10-11-17, page ID 2747-2748.

See the online issue of Random Lengths news [of San Pedro], Feb . 22 issue and page 17.

To see additional discussions about what is fair housing and to see copies of posted Videos, click   Youtube channel “Davey GJuanvalldez”

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Updated April 7, 2017

City Los Angeles Employee code inspector Robert Galardi under Mayor Eric Garcetti with a host of other employees admitted by letter March 6, 2017 that numerous Black tenants were deprived of due process rights and never served with a THP application before vacating their units from 2014-2017, proving that city officials conspired with property owners to deprive mostly Black tenants of rights under the city tenant habitability ordinance. Remember the Tuskegee syphilis experiment on Blacks? However, the county District Attorney refuses to prosecute those responsible.

News of this site appears in the Los Angeles USC DAILY TROJAN Housing Guide Mar 30 page S12 and the SAN DIEGO READER Mar 29 page 14 top left. Here are the links to both publications: USC Daily Journal Housing Guide and San Diego Reader

Updated February 11, 2017

The Facebook page of Los Angeles Rent Control. Click

Los Angeles Rent Control

Updated January 27 2017

If the Terrorists Aren’t Muslim, then who are they?

Hiding in plain sight...“Muslims Are Not Terrorists: A Factual Look at Terrorism and Islam”

September 14 2016

“Why Do Black Protests About Police Brutality Have To Be So… Protesty?”

by Michael Gene Sullivan

Here’s a question:

Why are there so very many White Liberals (not all, but very many) who, knowing that they benefit from generations of skin privilege, knowing that the institutionalized racism from which they have benefited has brutalized generation upon generation upon generation of Blacks, having indisputable evidence of the indignations, the dehumanization, and brutality Blacks are subject to every day, knowing that Blacks are statistically less likely to be employed because of our race less likely to get housing because of our race less likely to get justice because of our race and more likely to be killed by those supposedly upholding the law because of our race – knowing all of that why is it so many White Liberals continue to say that the real solution to the ongoing psychological and physical violence directed at Black Americans will only be reached when the victims of this brutality moderate their reaction to it?

If only Blacks (they say) could have a more peaceful reaction to the daily terrorism they experience it would be a first step to solving the problem. Can’t they just peacefully protest like in the good old days? Can’t they protest in such a way that isn’t divisive? In a way that isn’t about blame? Can’t they protest in a way that I can feel a part of?

And can’t they be more grateful for how much better things are nowadays because of people like me? I mean, if they are serious about ending oppression there’s a place to start — gratitude. Can’t they incorporate their gratitude to people like me into their protests so that I can feel welcomed?

And can’t they just come up with a protest that isn’t so damn inconvenient? To me? A march that doesn’t get between me and my destination, me and my work, me and my Starbucks? I love Martin Luther King Jr. – and not just because he’s dead! But because he was respectful. He would never have led a march that was disruptive! If he were here today he’d back me up on this one. We — well, our parents – supported him! And without us – well, our parents – he would never have succeeded! At making things better for Blacks! Which they are!

So why aren’t these modern Black protesters more… grateful?

Why are they so insistent?

Why are they so loud?

Heck, (they say) when I was in college I was pulled over by the cops, too! I know oppression! Yes – I was stoned and speeding and the police never threatened to kill me – but you don’t see me chanting “Speeding Stoners Lives Matter,” do you? Because I have some objectivity!

And do they have to make me think about racial oppression during football games? Just throw the ball, that’s your job, that’s the important thing! Yeah, I know, life and death, daily terror… but this is football! Sports! I love Muhammad Ali. We all did! And not just because he’s dead! But because he would never, ever would have used his sport as a platform for political statements!

And music! Their strident reaction to their random murders at the hands of the police has ruined the Black musical experience for so many of us. Their intolerance of intolerance has darkened Beyonce beyond repair. She was so hot until she got all…Black! Hey, I love Prince – and not just because he’s Black! I mean dead! But because he would never have used his visibility as a star to promote local political issues concerning race! Can’t we all just party like it’s 1999?

What’s next? Are they going to politicize tap dancing?

And I know in the past I called Conservatives blinkered racists for blaming the victims of centuries of oppression and discrimination for not suddenly having more economic options, but this is different. Now I’m saying it, so it’s different! I don’t care what the statistics I quoted before say about White criminals getting off while Blacks are thrown in jail, their lives ruined, and all that truth revealed about innocent Blacks railroaded into prison for generation upon generation – maybe all this protesty energy could be spent more wisely on condemning each other for being too lazy when it comes to condemning each other!

Yeah, I know, life and death, daily terror… but don’t they know how bad it makes me feel when they talk about how scared they are each and every day when their beautiful, innocent son or daughter has to leave to go to school, knowing that they could so easily be slaughtered by any officer who feels threatened by the child who might have an AK-47 in their Pokemon backpack, who might have a Glock in their lunch box might have a rock in their hand a knife in their hand a pencil in their hand nothing in their hand, who might run or walk too slow might shout or be too quiet, and who might look at the cop frightened or angry or nervously or not at all? Don’t these parents know that every time they say to me how desperately scared they are that their children might be slaughtered by a servant of the State who equates Blackness with a loaded and cocked gun pointed at every policeman’s head, that every time they say to me that they are watching the light of childhood being quenched in their baby’s eyes with the knowledge of how they are treated as vermin, that every time they cry in front of me over another destroyed spirit of a child who has realized they live in a society that would prefer then dead – don’t they know how that makes me feel? It’s like they’re saying we – meaning I – haven’t done enough. Don’t they even care about my feelings?

Yeah, I know, life and death, daily terror…but what’s the point of a protest that upsets people like me? They need people like me! To help them… which I can’t do if I feel offended, or slighted, or ignored, or if my my my advice isn’t acted on. Why don’t they understand that people like me, who have never felt the boot of state sanctioned oppression in our entire lives, best know how they should protest against it? They need to know that the only way for Blacks to be truly seen as equals in America is… to react in an acceptable way? During approved hours, in approved places? If they could just do that – what we tell them to do – then, perhaps, we will support their struggle to not be oppressed by and dictated to by people who look exactly like us.

Wassup with these knuckleheads?

Well, there particular Liberals aren’t interested in justice, they’re interested in their own comfort, and – deep inside – retaining their privilege, their position of primacy. They will help fight inequality, they will help fight injustice, as long as they get credit, and as long as that fight is in no way inconvenient to them or threatens the privilege they enjoy and hope to pass on to their children. Because they understand, on some deep level, that real revolutionary change will mean their skin privilege would come to nothing. And as they fought to retain those privileges they would be revealed for what they are – reactionary, patronizing beneficiaries and tacit supporters of the brutal, unremitting racism they pretend to condemn.

Not all, but very many.

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Update May 20 2016

Intercom and Parking Complaint re 1522 Hi Point St 90035 Unsafe Substandard and Unsanitary Conditions

[Tenant at Hi Point] [Redacted] [As seen on Facebook under Karen Bass]   Fri 5/20/2016 8:33 AM To:Agent Walter Barratt Hi Point Apts LLC ; Hi Point Apts LLC Agent C. Renfrew ; Hi Point Resident Manager Cynthia Ogan ; RSO Contact ; ; Alan Chen ; George Cerda ; Cc: Charles Garcia ; David Greene ; Da Lacounty Info ; ; ; Larry Galstian ; ; ; Jeff Paxton ; Lincoln Lee ; Rep. Karen Bass ; Rep. Karen Bass ; Fair Housing Doj ; Ifa Kashefi ; Steve Ongele ; Debbie L. Harmon ; Justice Department ; Karen Penera ; ; Rodney Arias ; ; Leila Ajalova ; Richard Brinson ; ; Ravi@DFEH Rangi ; ; Ali Maintenance ; [To Agent Walter Barratt Hi Point Apts LLC; Hi Point Apts LLC Agent C. Renfrew ; Hi Point Resident Manager Cynthia Ogan ;>; councilmember President Herb Wesson; Alan Chen at Los Angeles County Public Health; Los Angeles County office District Attorney at George Cerda]

Dear Hi Point Apts, LLC et al:

My federal, state, and local civil rights continue to be violated at this property. Tenant apt 1 who is white has been assigned parking for three cars and uses stalls for three cars. Myself and my roommate, both Black, only have been assigned parking for one car. This violates the civil rights prohibition of separate and unequal and denies apt 9 tenants “equal terms, conditions, advantages, and privileges”.


The intercom to apt 9 remains un repaired or replaced. Under the state Health and Safety code re habitability, and under the rent agreement, I am obligated to report the non-working intercom to the property owner et al. I am also obligated to report it to city code enforcement, county code enforcement, and Public Health Department, et al, as I have done. It is understood that making such reports to Ku Klux Klan run government agencies may be a futile process. I have received no information whatsoever from the property owner or his agents as to when the intercom will be

repaired. I have received no indication whatsoever that the owner or city government will compensate me for the loss of intercom service. I have received no indication, written or otherwise, that the owner has issued a work order to the management company Williams Real Estate Advisors, or otherwise, directing them to repair the intercom. Myself and my roommate, both Black, do not have a working intercom. This violates the civil rights prohibition of separate and unequal and denies
apt 9 tenants “equal terms, conditions, advantages, and privileges”.


I have requested a tandem parking stall at this property. I qualify for a tandem stall because I live at the property, I pay rent, and my apt has two cars. Over the past six months, there have been tandem stalls available. There are 18 units at this building and 20 parking stalls which includes the tandems. This is a rent control building under the jurisdiction of the city Rent Stabilization Department. I have also asked repeatedly what is the application process to get a tandem parking stall. My requests have been ignored by the property owner and the city agencies. Based on information and beliefs, white tenants at the building simply have to ask for a tandem stall and it is provided or re-assigned without question. Myself and my roommate, both Black, only have been assigned parking for one car. This violates the civil rights prohibition of separate and unequal and denies apt 9 tenants “equal terms, conditions, advantages, and privileges”. CONCLUSION No government agency has the authority to participate in this conspiracy to deny me equal terms, conditions, advantages, and privileges at 1522 Hi Point St. “CA Civil Code 52. (a) Whoever denies, aids or incites a denial, or makes any discrimination or distinction contrary to Section 51, 51.5, or 51.6, is liable for each and every offense for the actual damages, and any amount that may be determined by a jury, or a court sitting without a jury, up to a maximum of three times the amount of actual damage but in no case less than four thousand dollars ($4,000), and any attorney’s fees that may be determined by the court in addition thereto, suffered by any person denied the rights provided in Section 51, 51.5, or 51.6. (b) Whoever denies the right provided by Section 51.7 or 51.9, or aids, incites, or conspires in that denial, is liable for each and every offense for the actual damages suffered by any person denied that right and, in addition, the following: (1) An amount to be determined by a jury, or a court sitting without a jury, for exemplary damages. (2) A civil penalty of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) to be awarded to the person denied the right provided by Section 51.7 in any action brought by the person denied the right, or by the Attorney General, a district attorney, or a city attorney. An action for that penalty brought pursuant to Section 51.7 shall be commenced

within three years of the alleged practice. (3) Attorney’s fees as may be determined by the court. (c) Whenever there is reasonable cause to believe that any person or group of persons is engaged in conduct of resistance to the full enjoyment of any of the rights described in this section, and that conduct is of that nature and is intended to deny the full exercise of those rights, the Attorney General, any district attorney or city attorney, or any person aggrieved by the conduct may bring a civil action in the appropriate court by filing with it a complaint. The complaint shall contain the following…. 52.3. (a) No governmental authority, or agent of a governmental authority, or person acting on behalf of a governmental authority, shall engage in a pattern or practice of conduct by law enforcement officers that deprives any person of rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States or by the Constitution or laws of California.”

“It is understood that making such reports to Ku Klux Klan run government agencies may be a futile process.”

Said parties mentioned herein, as person or group of persons, from the DFEH to the city govern ment to the property owner, has engaged in conduct that interferes with my full exercise of rights to have a working intercom and tandem parking stall. COSTS I continue to incur costs and legal costs and expenses regarding these issues. I have previously served a demand for damages on the owner, city, and county. Every month I tender rent under these uninhabitable and discriminatory conditions amounts to damages. A request for mediation before the state of California Department of Fair Employment and Housing was ignored.

“…white tenants at the building simply have to ask for a tandem stall and it is provided or re-assigned without question…”

All rights reserved. Please respond in writing by non-electronic means. [Tenant name and address redacted] c: email address supplied for onsite property manager, Williams Real Estate Advisors, LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, HUD, US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Housing and Civil Enforcement Acting Chief Sameena Shina Majeed and Paralegal Specialist Stephany Alva, Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Code Enforcement and Rent Stabilization Department, Los Angeles Building and Safety, Mayor Eric Garcetti and Council, State Department of fair Employment Ravi Rangi under Kevin Kish and Edmund G. Brown, Maintenance Al Mozannar of Reyes Contractors Inc and Reyes Electrical Contractors, Congressperson Karen Bass ref: there are research, paper, printing, and internet costs associated with this email

Update May 18 2016


Jerry Brown’s DFEH and Ravi Rangi

Refuse to Help Blacks Denied Fair Housing

Separate and Unequal Housing is illegal is my rebuttal re DFEH case 712769-195727 re Intercom [Tenant name redacted at 1522 Hi Point St] Wed 5/18/2016 9:55 PM Inbox To:Ravi@DFEH Rangi ; cc: Debbie L. Harmon ; Ali Maintenance ; ; Rep. Karen Bass ; Rep. Karen Bass ; Separate and Unequal Housing is illegal is my rebuttal re DFEH case 712769-195727 re Intercom Dear DFEH: 1. This shall memorialize the events of today. 2. It is unfortunate we were not able to have our phone talk today due to the DFEH institutionalized racism that prevents it from engaging in a mutually arranged tape recorded conversation. What does the DFEH have to hide as a public entity? 3. This email is not intended as a resolution of any claims or court causes of action against the property owner, city and county of Los Angeles government entities, nor any HUD complaint against the DFEH, nor any other person or entity the subject of this complaint. 4. “No work order. No talk. ” This means that DFEH has the authority to order the property owner to create a work order that directs the property owner to repair, replace, or remove the intercom by date to be established. No government whether it is local, state, or federal, has the authority to direct the property owner to continue to engage in unlawful “denial of equal terms, conditions, advantages, and privileges” to the Black tenants of apt 9. No government entity has the authority to deny myself as a Black male the equal protection of the law.

“No government entity has the authority to deny myself as a Black male the equal protection of the law”

5. My rebuttal, if it is not clear to you, is that I need to see a written copy of the response from the property owner and whoever else they are aligned with. My rebuttal is that I need to see a work order from the owner directing maintenance to repair or replace the intercom. “Work order”means that the owner will direct the intercom repair to be addressed. 6. Your email of May 17 2016 at 4:07 pm stated, “The Respondents are not denying that they have not installed an intercom in your unit. Thus there is no work order to provide you.” My rebuttal here is that for clarification, there is an existing intercom that was installed probably 1973. The owner inspected the intercoms circa 2014, and if they were working which I believe mine was, then it is he who disconnected it. Around May 2014, the owner intentionally decided to install a different intercom system and would do so from April 2014 to circa December 2016 into 14 units out of 18. He intentionally did not repair or replace intercom apt 9. His action to harm tenants apt 9 may not have been intentional to cause harm— I believe it was intentional —-but nevertheless it did injure apt 9 Black tenants in that we were left without a working intercom while those apts around us—to be filled by mostly white tenants—received working intercoms. Your statement therefore does not move the complaint forward, because getting the intercom working is one of the purposes of the Complaint. See HUD below: “Example: An Hispanic couple inquires about an apartment for rent. The building manager tells them that no “Latinos” will be accepted as tenants. In this case, showing that there were no available apartments in the subject building on the day in question would not invalidate the complainants’ claim of injury and would not affect the complainants’ standing to file a complaint because the effect of the discriminatory statement amounts to an injury under the Act.” * As I have inquired about the intercom and the tandem parking, such inquiries denied a good faith response by the owner, city, and county. 7. From the emails you have written me Ravi, you had plenty of time, without such blatant abuse of taxpayer’s monies, to fully copy or detail [to me] the owner’s position to the DFEH Complaint, but you have not done so. But isn’t that the way institutionalized racism by the government works—you cannot blame me for your incompetence. You have no excuse not to have given me me a fair and non- arbitrary opportunity to respond after seeing the owner answer.

“From the emails you have written me Ravi, you had plenty of time, without such blatant abuse of taxpayer’s monies, to fully copy or detail the owner’s position to the DFEH Complaint, but you have not done so.”

8. Whether the owner acted intentionally, directly, or indirectly, or by circumstance, the result is still the same that as Black American I am denied the “equal terms and conditions, advantages, and privileges” of an intercom, and the resulting payments of damages according to local, state, and federal codes, laws, and statutes. 9. I have seen the owner and he is not blind. He must take responsibility, and he is responsible, for the maintenance of all fixtures, services, and appliances (sic) in the building that he put there or inherited. Therefore, his actions to deny intercoms to at least three African Americans, and one Asian, is clearly racist and intentional to cause harm, and he is aware of it whether I tell him or not. 10. He has no legitimate business reason for not fixing the intercom of apt 9 within 48 hours of the date of this email. He cannot use anything any Ku Klux Klan run government agency says as his reason for not repairing or replacing the intercom. 11. The owner does not need two years to repair or replace an intercom [he has proven that by the ones he has replaced], nor will it take $17,000 to replace an intercom unit that costs about $40.00.

“He has no legitimate business reason for not fixing the intercom of apt 9 within 48 hours of the date of this email. He cannot use anything any Ku Klux Klan run government agency says as his reason for not repairing or replacing the intercom.”

12. I have heard no word from you on the similar situation tandem parking or the DFEH complaints against the city and county so I assume those complaints are ripe for court action, whether the DFEH proceeds or not. 14. a. I am a member of a protected class b. I was qualified for an apartment with an intercom c. I was rejected from housing with an intercom d. The housing service intercoms are still available e. I have been injured.

“…separate and unequal housing…”

15. I quote from the Ch 3 HUD Jurisdiction document, 8024.1: “To establish standing the complainant need only claim to have suffered an injury as a result of the alleged discriminator’s actions. It is not required that the complainant prove his or her injury as part of a showing of his or her right to file a complaint under the Act.” [Emphasis added.] “Even in cases where the complainant should have been rejected for non-discriminatory reasons, the complainant’s perception that the denial was because of his or her race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, or handicap is sufficient injury to establish standing.” “Example: An Hispanic couple inquires about an apartment for rent. The building manager tells them that no “Latinos” will be accepted as tenants. In this case, showing that there were no available apartments in the subject building on the day in question would not invalidate the complainants’ claim of injury and would not affect the complainants’ standing to file a complaint because the effect of the discriminatory statement amounts to an injury under the Act.” * “To establish standing a complainant may claim a tangible or an intangible injury. Moving expenses, or the cost of a home inspection or credit report, are examples of tangible damages a complainant may incur.” “Standing in housing discrimination cases is an expansive concept and it is not atypical for one case to include multiple plaintiffs and defendants. Standing is available to any individual or group that can show injury in fact” from any discriminatory housing practice. 19 Whereas employment discrimination standing is limited to applicants and employees (also, in limited circumstances, independent contractors), standing for housing discrimination claims is not similarly limited to individuals applying for housing or already living in housing, but also may include groups such as fair housing organizations or testers. ” 2 “Prohibited acts of housing discrimination include: a refusal to sell, rent, or negotiate for housing; the provision of inferior terms, conditions, or privileges of housing; discrimination in lending; harassment; and refusal to provide reasonable accommodation for a person with a disability.46 Certain types of communications about housing are also illegal: falsely representing that housing is unavailable; inquiring about a person’s race or sexual orientation; or making any statement that indicates a preference, limitation, or discrimination for or against a protected group.” -2 “Housing discrimination can be proven by intent or by adverse impact. For a case of intentional discrimination, the FEHA specifies that a violation “may be established by direct or circumstantial evidence.”48 In cases where direct evidence of discriminatory intent is lacking, courts apply the burden- shifting analysis borrowed from McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. Green, 411 U.S. 792 (1973).”-2 [emphasis added]

From DFEH website: “What remedies are available to persons who file complaints of housing discrimination?”

The remedies available for housing discrimination include: Sale or rental of the housing accommodation Elimination of the discriminatory practice Policy changes Reasonable accommodation Out-of-pocket expenses Actual damages, including damages for emotional distress Punitive damages Attorney fees and costs * Regarding the intercom, the property owner and /or his agents (city and county et al.) have made discriminatory statements or actions about the intercom that amount to an injury to myself under the [HUD] Act. The property owner by his actions has admitted to illegal separate and unequal housing. All rights reserved. [Tenant Name Redacted] c: Hi Point Apts LLC Ali Mozannar, Maintenance

Update April 13 2016

DFEH Discrimination Complaint Filed

On April 11, 2016 the California Department of Fair Employment filed formal charges of race, and age discrimination against Hi Point Apts LLC regarding the 1522 Hi Point St 90035 Faircrest Heights property. Also generally mentioned in the complaint is the Los Angeles city code enforcement and the Los Angeles County Public Health department. The charges are denial of equal terms and conditions after numerous Black tenants were denied a working intercom but whites had the free use of intercoms. LAHCID employees Barbara Brascia, Richard Brinson, and numerous other city and county employees have refused to answer questions about the property. The tandem parking stall practice at the property has also been complained of by tenants as discriminatory.

Update August 2 2015

as emailed and posted to the internet: “My question to [Los Angeles] Mayor Eric Garcetti, Raymond Cervantes, Agassi Topchian* and Ian Yeom*, et al, is in these times of racial strife across this country of the United States, should any Black American be denied a housing service?”…in these times of racial strife across this country of the United States, should any Black American be denied a housing service?”

Youtube Video

“Discrimination and Corruption Los Angeles Housing Department” “The information in this video is based on information supplied to the public officials [and in public documents] Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Council, property owner, Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department, Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Department, and the California Department of Fair Housing in emails, letters, voicemails, etc. various dates in 2014 and 2015 and to assemblyperson Karen Bass and Senator Lois Wolk. [If comments are disabled, use “discussion” group.]Additional Housing Service Denied: City LAHCID admits role in setting discriminatory parking rules in rent control building; watch for more info. Los Angeles Rent Adjustment Commission Members are Jeffery J. Daar, Chairperson; Tai Glenn, Vice Chairperson  ;Carole Brogdon; Leonora Gershman Pitts; Paula Leftwich; Jane Paul; Dash Stolarz.” A complaint has been filed against the RAC after a hearing officer was charged with discrimination and failure to comply with city rent adjustment regulations. Click on Link Below:

Video on Los Angeles Corruption

Apartment Owner Asks Tenants to Violate Other Tenant’s Rights to Post Political Flyers 

Copy tenant flyer July 7 2015-7-4 Tenant Flyer PDF one page

From Yelp from Craiglist From Facebook               June 6 2015

“This company is currently advertising Hi Point Apts LLC at 1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles 90035. The owner of the property has numerous rent control complaints against him as well as discrimination complaints. The Hi Point LLC is illegally charging for utilities even though there are no separate gas and electric meters in the building. Rent Control and the Los Angeles Mayor and Council have been notified to no avail. Hot Pads Trulia Pad Mapper all say the building has tandem parking spaces for all 18 units; in reality there are only seven tandem parking stalls. This is false and deceptive advertising by Westside rentals. Yelp does not want perspective tenants to know this and that is why they will remove this review. Tenants may be entitled to treble damages against this property owner. See the site page “What’s New” at www.// and see site AVVO research question “my unit in a LARSO building is being remodeled. The landlord wants me out…”.

Gestapo Media…Yelp Does Not Support Tenants Rights


[response to Craiglist ad re Apt 6 for rent at 1522 Hi Point]

Your ad is false and deceptive in three areas. First, it is not a new property since it was built in 1973. Second, it is false and deceptive to say each apartment comes with one parking stall when in truth there are seven tandem parking stalls and some apartments have been assigned tandem parking stalls.

$50 Illegal Rent Increase

Black tenants in particular have documented housing discrimination complaints to city officials over the past twelve months. At least one DFEH complaint is pending against the owner of this property as well as numerous code enforcement complaints. About 80% of the Black tenants in the building do not have working intercoms for over a year that the owner Hi Point Apts LLC refuses to address. About six tenants now out of 18 units do not have working intercoms for over 12 months and the owner also has refused to fix them or grant the required rent reduction. He even threatened tenants with a $50 parking fee that was an illegal rent increase. Currently he is also accused of illegally passing on a $17 rent increase after conspiring with city officials that the building was painted for $14,800 for 11,000 square feet when the building is only 7,500 squarefeet. The building contractor and property owner are under investigation for fraudulent business practices. Call the Mayor and Council for a list of the damage claims against this property. As the building is master metered, the civil code 1940.9 requires that the owner reach an agreement as to who will pay for utilities outside of the tenant’s unit. The owner has not offered anything in writing to advise tenants of their rights under 1940.9 or his obligations. It is false and deceptive for your ad to say “intercom system” when the system is dangerously not working for six tenants.

The slum landlord at 1522

“There is also no front door peephole for the building. When this slum landlord was recently asked to provide receipts for materials and labor to fix the building, for which some tenants were required to pay a rent increase, the owner refused to provide receipts. He has been accused of making numerous illegal rent increases. His lack of communication disturbs tenant’s quiet enjoyment of the building. Being that the owner is from another country, he does not seem to have an appreciation for American law. I question the term you use “controlled entry” as if that is a safety feature. All tenants have a key to enter the front and rear of the building; the owner has added “keypad” entry that seems to be primarily for the benefit of non-residents likemaintenance, visitors, delivery persons. Hardly sounds like controlled entry. The lack of front building door peephole shows what a slum landlord this owner is. He has also refused to grant tenants’ a rent reduction for when the building was without a resident manager last summer.”

[Redacted][ Emphasis Bold Type added]

Potpouri July 8 2015

EEOC CHARGES. Which major Los Angeles law firm is named in a discrimination complaint filed April 14, 2015 with the EEOC? More later.

THE HYUNDAI LAWSUIT. On June 11, 2015 I was blessed to be able to testify in the federal court hearing regarding the Hyundai-Kia Fuel Economy class action. The action was filed as truth in leading and fraud lawsuit [and with a heavy dose of discrimination charges thrown in]. The June 11 ruling has since been appealed. [One correction: page 29, line 13, the word “reached” should be “breached”.] Appearing amongst ten attorneys, the Hon. Judge George H. Wu allowed me to go last, calling yours truly an “eloquent” speaker and that he was saving the “best” for last. My comments start at page 25. You can see the transcript at the following link:

Fair housing group sues

New York, alleging


By LARRY NEUMEISTER July 7, 2015 7:15 PM NEW YORK (AP) — A civil rights organization advocating for fair housing practices sued the city on Tuesday, saying the city promotes segregation by favoring whites for affordable housing in Manhattan neighborhoods that are predominantly white. The Anti-Discrimination Center filed the lawsuit on behalf of three black plaintiffs in federal court, where it seeks unspecified damages and court intervention to force the city to change its affordable housing practices. It said discriminatory practices have a similar effect on Latino residents. The city law office said it will review the complaint before it responds to it. The executive director of the not-for-profit Anti-Discrimination Center, Craig Gurian, said New York residents should study the facts before bragging about the city’s diversity and criticizing the housing demographic mix in other cities. “In New York, you can’t go 10 minutes without hearing ‘diverse this, diverse that,'” he said. “New York has made less progress against segregation, particularly with African-Americans, than almost any major city. Despite all the rhetoric, New York has a very big problem.” The lawsuit said it was challenging a city policy that largely limits applicants for affordable housing to people who already live in the neighborhood. It said the long-running practice that reserves 50 percent of units available in housing lotteries for neighborhood residents stems from intentional discrimination by the government, developers, landlords and others. As a result, blacks have been largely restricted for the past century to a small number of poverty-stricken areas, leaving half of the city’s black population living in about 15 percent of its 59 neighborhoods, the lawsuit said. It added that 17 community districts had black populations of less than 5 percent even though blacks make up nearly 23 percent of the city’s population. “There is no community district in the city where the current demographic pattern has not been influenced or shaped, at least in part, by past intentional discrimination or by past or current policies that perpetuate segregation,” the lawsuit said. The lawsuit said the city’s policy perpetuates entrenched segregation and limits access to low-crime neighborhoods with high-quality schools, health care, parks and employment opportunities. The lawsuit described residential segregation dating to the 1800s, saying it became clear that blacks were unwelcome in large parts of the city. It noted that many disproportionately white neighborhoods remain off-limits to public housing. Citing figures from the 2010 census, the lawsuit said New York was the second most segregated large city in America when the populations of blacks and whites were considered.

False Ad: Apartment for rent                          as seen on Zillow July 14 2015

[Editor’s comments follow.] 1522 Hi Point St APT 12Los Angeles, CA 90035 1 bed 1 bath — sqft CONTACT THERESA IF INTERESTED “These beautifully renovated apartments feature European black slate bathroom tile on the floor and tub/shower enclosures. The bedrooms and living rooms have all new hardwood floors. The kitchens have all new appliances including dishwasher, oven/range, refrigerator! New granite counter tops. EVERYTHING NEW & MODERN!” “The building offers one parking space with each apartment, and there is laundry onsite. You will be near the famous MINT venue with lots of entertainment nightly. The neighborhood is also quiet & residential with lots of shops, bars, houses of worship, and entertainment.” CALL OR EMAIL THERESA FOR A TOUR “All utilities are master metered, included in rent. Water, Trash, Electric and Gas. One year lease. Small pets considered with additional deposit of $500. No Smoking.” “FACTS: Apartment, Pets: Cats, dogs, Laundry: Shared, Parking: Off street, On street FEATURES: Controlled Access; Flooring: Hardwood; Gated Entry; Intercom; Transportation ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Granite countertop; Living room APPLIANCES INCLUDED: Dishwasher; Garbage disposal; Range / Oven; Refrigerator ROOM TYPES: Walk-in closet” [Editor Notes: False advertising. Discrimination. The ad states incorrectly: “Everything new and modern”; false because the apartments have the same old space heater from 1972. The ad states incorrectly, “The building offers one parking space with each apartment”; false because over six apartments have received two parking spaces and the owner and city government officials refuse to explain the unlawful arbitrary discrimination in this regard. The ad states the building is master metered but failed to explain the owner has not complied with the civil code regarding shared utilities and the tenant #12 will probably be illegally paying for utilities to the common areas and parking lot. The ad states the $500 PET deposit but fails to mention that deposit is probably illegal under the city rent control regulations [“illegal rent increase”]. The ad states “intercom” but fails to mention that out of eighteen apartments, five have not had working intercoms for over 12 months and the owner has refused to fix the intercoms or provide the required rent reductions. Some have described the owner as a “slum landlord” and filed numerous race discrimination and code enforcement complaints against the Hi Point Apts LLC. As an aside, if you move into this building, you may be faced by other tenants and even the Manager who don’t believe that tenants should exercise rights under rent control or under state law. For example, “parking”, under city and state law, is considered to be a housing service, advantage, facility, and privilege.  City law states that if a housing service is removed, the tenant is owed a reduction in rent; the reduction for a removed parking space can be as high as $200.00 [LAMC section 151, et seq.] However there are tenants in the building who believe that some tenants are not entitled to “full and equal” [Unruh] housing services, like parking, or to a reduction in rent.  Even the state DFEH and city LAHCID are conspiring to keep tenants from receiving rent reductions they are entitled to after housing services have been reduced [no resident manager, no intercom, parking reduced, etc.] [All apartments are one bedrooms. The building is not exactly square so apartments on the left side are about 530 square feet while right side apartments are about one square foot smaller.] Be forewarned if you want to move to this building, the discrimination that you will be up against. 

Resident housing manager Marilyn London

has refused comment on these issues.    

London [Santa Monica College] can be reached on Facebook.

For rent Ad August 2 2015- [ Faircrest Heights ]

For rent Hot Pads 1522 Hi Point

July 31 2015

Los Angeles County Housing Authority Denied Housing to African Americans Over Section 8 Vouchers: Do you live in Lancaster or Palmdale?

August 11 2015

What are the hours of primary renovation in a rent controlled building Los Angeles? You be the Judge.–2301006.html

August 20 2015

As told to Hot Pads Six apartments do not have working intercom which affects safety of all 18 units. Construction workers refuse to obey city relations on primary renovation hours. The city government is in a conspiracy with property owner to injure tenants and their rights. What kind of uncivilized animals do we exist with who cannot even respond to simple phone messages, emails, and letters over a twelve month period as [Hi Point Apts LLC] Walter, Cliff, and his clan do? Click on Hot Pads ad here:  1522 Hi Point St Apt 16 for rent–54tegxnep8ynr#limit=4&lat=34.04923&lon=-118.369&zoom=20&previewId=54tegxnep8ynr&previewType=listing&detailsOpen=true&show_listing_sidebar=0&listingTypes=rental,sublet,room,corporate&propertyTypes=house,divided,condo,townhouse,medium,large,garden,&dupeGrouping=building Apts are about 500 square feet but units on the left side of building are larger than units on the right side of the building.

Do you really want to rent at 1522 Hi Point Street 90035?

    • Numerous racial discrimination complaints have been filed against the owner of the building.
  • Numerous code enforcement complaints have been filed against the owner including habitability complaints.
  • The owners advertises a pet deposit and an air conditioning deposit but those appear to be illegal rent increases as they are not authorized under the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance.
  • It has been the owner’s practice over the past year to either violate tenant rights or ignore tenant complaints.
  • If you complain to local and state government to have your rights enforced, the government has shown it will either unfairly side with the owner or will ignore your complaints.
  • Code enforcement has shown by practice that it sides with the owner or ignores the health and safety codes all together.
  • For about five tenants, the city LAHCID and the owner refused the required rent rebate during the time there was no resident manager.
  • For about six tenants, the city LAHCID and the owner have refused to provide the required rent rebate due to non-working intercoms.
  • By ignoring tenant complaints, the owner has violated tenants’  rights to quiet enjoyment of the premises.
  • The city government granted the owner a rent increase against select tenants even though the owner did not follow city regulations, i.e that certain repairs did not primarily benefit the tenant, the owner did not provide receipts for the labor and materials, and the contractor Reyes Contractors and De La Torre Electric inflated the square feet of the property for the purpose of unjust enrichment.
  • Primary renovation continues at the property which will disturb tenants quiet enjoyment because the owner and contractor refuse to comply with primary renovation construction hours.
  • One tenant, an alleged United States Air Force Personnel, has repeatedly harassed other tenants.
  • The owner has been reported to government officials for practicing discrimination in the assignment of parking stalls.
  • The owner has refused to file and serve tenant habitability plans with the city for affected tenants
  • Construction crews routinely improperly park in the guest visitor stall
  • The owner has been accused of numerous illegal rent increases.

Do you really want to rent at 1522 Hi Point Street 90035? Here are the numbers to call Owner Walter Barratt (310)895-6693, Manager Marilyn (818)813-2204. Theresa @ Williams Real Estate Advisors 310-402-4455.

[Based on documents seen on the Facebook website of Congresswoman Karen Bass and supplied to other government officials.]

Update August 23 2015

Los Angeles CA Rent Control Apts – Apartments Rentals – Pros & Cons

Los Angeles CA Apartments for rent

Having Repairs Made

Update October 4 2015

Los Angeles Community Investment Department ‘Corrupt’ Says News Article

[As seen in Random Lengths Newspaper, p. 10, Oct 1 -14 Issue, available on Facebook –]

Letter to the Editor. “The President Barack Obama has done a lot of posturing about race claims but when has he sought to give the civil rights agencies more enforcement power? Local, state, and federal agencies for the most part are not only not serious about eliminating employment and housing discrimination, doing more harm than good, they are also incapable. I have found, particularly in California, that government agencies like the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department [discriminatory at best, corrupt at the least] instead do all they can to stop discrimination/housing complaints before they even get to the complaint stage, a clear violation of federal law.

“In one Los Angeles case a property owner allegedly hired an air force base employee to falsely retaliate and characterize as “terrorists” those tenants who complained about housing discrimination.

“If I should become Mayor or Governor, before even stopping for breakfast, I would sign an order disbanding 99% of the government administrative agencies. In their place I would support evening and weekend court hours, hiring more judges, making ten percent of all Judges non-attorneys, and opening up the courts by eliminating all court filing fees. Let everyone jam their complaints into the court system (“sue for free”) before a jury of their peers. I would support lowering property taxes by half a percent and an increased tax on cigarettes and alcohol to pay for this change in government.

“It is no surprise that with the rise in claims alleging racism by Police, many Americans feel their only recourse is to take their grievances to the streets. No wonder it is reported that there are “over two million instances of discrimination a year, but fewer than one per cent are reported.” referrer= Federal equal employment opportunity [“EEOC”] complaints can take up to eight months to two years to get to an investigator, and in many cases the end result will be “insufficient evidence”. This is unacceptable in a so-called civilized society.”

[As seen in Random Lengths Newspaper, p. 10, Oct 1 -14 Issue, available on Facebook]

As seen on the site lahousingrentcontrol

Helpful Site- click below

Temporary leave of your apartment? Construction and fumigation.

California Tenant Law – free legal advice for California renter’s rights

More helpful links

Living in the Rental Unit and when can landlord enter the unit *Uninhabitable Conditions Having Repairs Made *California Tenant Law online legal help clinic [* Editor note: excellent sites. The other two sites are government sites that also list some of the applicable laws.]

As seen on Yelp- update Nov 27- re 1522 Hi Point St 90035

Yelp Review But Deleting Other Relevant Reviews By Precious H.

8/28/2015 I hardly ever write reviews but I want to warn others of the ownership of this apt. They are truly the most money hungry & inconsiderate ppl I’ve ever encountered. I lived there for 13 months, new to the LA area and choose this place to be close to my new job. I had several issues when I first moved in from the ceiling leaking, to the water not running in the bathroom sink, to the bathroom tub being stopped up. There was also a huge amount of very loud construction going on when I moved in which was not mentioned when I stressed that fact that I needed a quite environment d/t my night shift work schedule. I ended my tenancy there b/c they wanted to raise the rent to an amount I could not afford (5%when I was told in the beginning that the rent would not be raised more than 3%). While working 12hour night shifts full time & trying to pack up my apt, the owners attempted to bully me into holding an open house. I told them no and that they could not show the apt until my tenancy was over. They then proceeded to say that my lease states they are allowed to hold an open house/show the apt as long as they give me 24hr notice. That of course is not what my lease states & I informed them that I do know how to read & the lease states 24hr notice for inspection or maintenance reasons only. Once I moved out I had a walk thru where I was not informed of any problem areas. I later received a “report” stating that they were deducting $650 from my secuity deposit for painting! They also stated that there were “scuff” marks on the walls from furniture & “wholes” in the walls (I hung ONE pic in 13 months & had my TV mounted) & that that was not considered normal wear & tear. I actually made a video recording of the apt when I left to document the condition in which it was left in b/c I knew from their past actions that I could not trust them & something would come up. I have NEVER had such an amount withheld from my secuity deposit b/c I take very good care of any place that I reside in. I paid my rent on time & was an overall good tenant. These ppl are rude, money hungry, inconsiderate & I would not suggest that anyone rents from them. If I could give then ZERO stars I would..BEWARE!! [Editor note: this review has been redacted. I met this tenant above and she was a very nice person and respectful of other tenants. Apparently she was lied to in the application process. (1) as regards the owners being money hungry, that can translate into cheating tenants out of their money, which is exactly what many tenants alleged and proved, (2) loud construction will continue for four more units at this 18 unit box building, (3) the owner has repeatedly violated the 24 hour notice requirements before entering apartments, (4) some evidence shows that the owner has not complied with the return of security deposit regulations that require inspection 2 weeks before move out and interest paid on deposits. This landlord takes advantage of tenants who are unaware of their rights and he has been accused of taking advantage of women tenants in particular. This building was purchased by Abady Holdings and Hi Point Apts LLC.] [Previous Yelp Review redacted below was deleted. Read it on this site and Facebook. This may be a reason why you should NOT want to rent at this 1522 Hi Point St 90035 property:  “Update November 21 2015: At an October 28 2105 city government hearing, the city and the owner of 1522 Hi Point St were accused of racial discrimination and corruption. The city officials and property owner did not deny the truth of the allegations. At the hearing it was indicated the owner plans to use apartment 18 to temporarily relocate other tenants for renovations. The city was questioned why did it sign off on apt 18 if the owner is currently advertising apt 18 for rent? Four tenants in the 18 unit building after over fourteen months are still without a working intercom. The city government and the owner refuse to fix the intercoms and refuse the required rent reductions. If you see apt 18 advertised for rent, it may not really be available as the city LAHCID has declared it to be used for temporary relocation. For questions call the city rent control department.”

[Editor: Why would Yelp not want the public to know this? Does the information seem to be in the public interest? I recommend don’t use Yelp.]

Famous Quotes

I am prepared to wait for my answer until hell freezes over, if that’s your decision.” Adlai Stevenson Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” Joseph N. Welch “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” Winston Churchill

Update December 27 2015: the emails of Willie J. Allen:

If you know anyone who lives at or near 1522 Hi Point St, 90035, they might want to see the emails from this former tenant.

Click here to see the USAF Willie J. Allen emails

Update Feb 2 2016

As seen on Facebook under Congressperson Karen Bass.

Click here to see the Trulia listing:

Apt 11 for Rent at Hi Point Apts

“Los Angeles- FairCrest Heights. re 1522 Hi Point St 90035. In the past month there were reported twenty two assaults with deadly weapons in the area. There has been lack of security and safety at the building due to non-working intercoms, mold and asbestos, and allegations of terrorist activity. While state law civil code 1940.4 gives tenants the right to post and display flyers, the property owner Hi Point Apts LLC has vowed to evict those tenants who try to do that. He even has a section in the rental agreement asking tenants to report other tenants who try to exercise their rights under state law. This property owner is the subject of criminal fraud complaints filed with the County Los Angeles Office of the District Attorney. So far Congressperson Karen Bass has refused to support tenant rights at the property. Of course you will hear none of this from realtor Williams Real Estate Advisors. You can reach the realtor Rance at 424-354-9239. You might want to ask him must you give up your rights in order to live at this property.”

Click here to see the Trulia listing:

Apt 11 for rent at 1522 Hi Point St 90035

Update March 12 2016-

click below for:

Tenant News Alert

Update March 17 2016

Code says Hi Point Apts is unsanitary and substandard

[As seen on Yelp, Facebook Karen Bass, and Facebook Random Lengths Newspaper.]

Post to Yelp March 17 2016 : “Hi Point Apts” “I have witnessed that most of the new tenants to this building move out in less than two years. I am the last of four long term tenants out of 18 units. Even though this is a rent control building, numerous complaints have brought little relief for the tenants. I have witnessed that the owner has threatened tenants who post political flyers on their door or window, a violation of rights under state law. The city government noted around October 2015 that there was inadequate asbestos inspection and removal. I  have complained that parking stalls are assigned in a discriminatory and arbitrary manner. While state Health and Safety codes detail the jurisdiction of city and county employees, the city RSD code enforcement and county Public Health have said they have no authority over the wiring in the building,  so numerous tenants have suffered defective wiring for over two years. Since there is general dilapidation and improper maintenance of the wiring and construction materials, the Health and Safety code 17920.3 declares the building to be “unsanitary” and “substandard”.” POST TO RANDOM LENGTHS AND FACEBOOK KAREN BASS


While state Health and Safety codes detail the jurisdiction of city and county employees, the city RSD code enforcement and county Public Health have said they have no authority over the wiring in the 1522 Hi Point St 90035 building,  so numerous tenants have suffered defective wiring for over two years. Since there is general dilapidation and improper maintenance of the wiring and construction materials, the Health and Safety code 17920.3 declares the building to be “unsanitary” and “substandard”. Health and Safety code 17920.3 sections(a)(13) and (d) and (i) give the city and county employees jurisdiction, but as of March 16 talk with city code enforcement, and after over two years of defective wiring, government employees maintain they have no jurisdiction under H & S code 17920.3. Some of the employees aware of this are Richard Brinson, Le Taun J. Cotton, Veronica Bauchman, David Burkhead, Richard Jackson, and Udo O. Nwachuku; they all claim the city and county employees have no jurisdiction to enforce.

I wonder why do they still have jobs?

Update March 28 2016

[As seen on Facebook Black Lives Matter, etc.]

Voicemail based on text sent to Congressperson Karen Bass, code enforcement Los Angeles Richard Greene, Alan Chen, numerous times to other public LADBS and LAHCID employees between February 21 2016 and March 3 2016, Mayor Eric Garcetti, and property owners Walter Barratt and agent Cliff Renfrew with no responses received.  “Rent reductions and rebates have not been provided” Black Lives Matter. “Security is for all tenants, not just the privileged few” “Institutionalized and intractable racism” “Who has the city government decided intercoms are for? ”   Click link to listen

1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Hot Pads 1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Trulia 1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Zillow 1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Zumper 1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Redfin

Updated September 19 2016

Los Angeles, California officials say Black tenant treated as “Nigger” not entitled to full and equal housing privileges. Select tenants are named. United States Central District Court case CV16-03236 JLS.  Attorneys for the defendants are ATTORNEY FOR COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, AND ALAN CHEN Renee E Jensen,; ATTORNEY FOR WILLIAMS REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, Inc. Thomas L Watters;  ATTORNEY FOR STATE OF CALIFORNIA Martin Ageson,; ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF LOS ANGELES, CHARLES GARCIA, BARBARA BRASCIA, RICHARD BRINSON, ARMIDA-OLGUIN FLORES Robert P Moore,; ATTORNEY FOR HI POINT APTS, LLC, WALTER BARRATT, CLIFF RENFREW Jared A Barry   [UPDATED SEPT. 19, 2016] Lawsuit Against Hi Point Apts, LLC et al.

Updated October 8, 2016

Attorney Links Terrorism Case to Racism at Hi Point Apts

Los Angeles- The County of Los Angeles and employee Alan Chen through their lawyer have linked a terrorism case to the so called “Nigger” case that involves racism allegations at an 18 unit apartment building  at 1522 Hi Point St 90035.

The statements were made by attorney Renee Jensen in civil rights case Central District CV16-03236 JLS (AJW), filed May 11, 2016,  in papers Jensen filed on September 28, 2016 on behalf of the Los Angeles County and Alan Chen. Jensen quotes the Terrorism case on page v, and page 3 of her court filed document. The terrorism case is Ashcroft v. Iqbal 556 U.S. 662 (2009) in which it is stated “Following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, respondent Iqbal, a Pakistani Muslim, was arrested on criminal charges and detained by federal officials under restrictive conditions.” The court documents filed by the County seem to be a recognition that terrorism allegations were made at the apartment building but present and incoming tenants were never told by government officials or the property owner of the terrorism allegations. The terrorism allegations are quoted in the case Complaint exhibits. The civil rights case against the County of Los Angeles also complains about corruption of city of Los Angeles employee inspectors, similar to allegations by a Los Angeles City Fire Chief damage claim against the City of Los Angeles. The word “corruption” is stated nine times in the Complaint, not including the Exhibits.

Loads of apartments under $1500 per month

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