Does Martisa know?

Tenant Death at

a city rent controlled building

From: G Johnson (email redacted)



Date: Friday, October 9, 2020, 02:54 PM PDT

To whom it may concern/ RSD:

Maintenance workers are on the site today tending to repairs in unit 4 and unit 7.

No attempt is being made to address the non-working intercom system in unit 9, nor is there any attempt to address my request for a tandem parking stall.

As you know, as part of the city capital improvements program, the city government authorized the installation of the intercom system in 2015 and ordered unit 9 and others to pay a rent increase which included the intercom system.

Martisa can be reached at 323- 207-0833

Perhaps rental agent Martisa can explain why the intercom system has not been functioning as intended since 2014 and why some tenants are charged $100 for utilities where there is only a mastered meter.

The picture of an intercom at 1522 which included all numbers proves false and deceptive advertising by the owner because it implies the intercom for all units is working. All tenant rents pay for the common area intercom that is not being maintained.

In memory of the tenant who died, I demand the mayor and council call Martisa and ask her when will the intercom system be repaired? Ask her why is she taking rent applicants bait and switch and not telling them repairs are not being made? Martisa can be reached at 323- 207-0833.

A death on Hi Point St 90035

All rights reserved.

Geary Juan Johnson

1522 Hi Point St 9

Los Angeles CA 90035

Phone (redacted)

Racism Hi Point Apts

(Editor note: 2020 November Election Fraud. (“Serving Los Angeles County by providing essential records management and election services in a fair, accessible and transparent manner.” ~ Source: Dean C. Logan website.) Be forewarned that courtesy of the LA County Registrar and the LA County Board of Supervisors, they will be up to the same old bag of tricks from previous elections. I was one of few who complained in the last election that the LA County Registrar put false information into the sample booklet and ballot. The last election as in this one, the sample ballot booklet and Ballot claims “A list of qualified write-in candidates is available eleven days before the election at”. The truth is for this election, that list was available on on August 31, 2020 as it is there now. So why would the LA County Registrar lie to the public in efforts to sway you to only consider non write-in candidates? Isn’t that unethical? This election is certainly not fair, accessible, and transparent. Also the last election about 2.5 million in LA County voted out of 5.5  million registered voters. So this election instead of just mailing sample ballots to “live” people who requested them, the LA County incurred the cost and expense of sending millions of ballots to all 5.5 million  registered voters.  Even people who vote are disgusted with this system of government, not to mention the people who do not vote. I am disgusted also. That is one reason I run for mayor of Los Angeles for 2022 to help expose the corruption. (As seen on Nextdoor).)

(Editor note: this web blog and document constitutes protected activity. This web blog is intended to help all persons to exercise or enjoy the right to non-discriminatory treatment in the “terms, conditions, or privileges” or “services or facilities” provided in connection with housing. This email is not intended to make any false, misleading, or derogatory statements nor is the email intended to defame or slander any person or entity or to express any opinions or facts not already a matter of public record or already disclosed to the public by communication to government agencies, entities, employees, officials or by publication by newspaper or other media distributed to the public. All rights reserved.)

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