Letter to Senator Holly J. Mitchell




Updated August 9, 2020

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Code enforcement complaints re 1522 Hi Point Street 90035

Communications with city employees

LA 2020 election what went wrong

The current property management group managing this 1522 Hi Point St property is Power Property Management at phone (310) 593-3955. 

[tenant name address phone redacted]

Dec 18 2017

Wallis Annenberg Building 700 State Dr., Suite 113        
Los Angeles, CA 90037
Phone: (213) 745-6656
Fax: (213) 745-6722

Via First Class Mail and Facsimile

Criminal Fraud & Violation of Constitutional and Civil Rights by those acting under color of law

To whom it may concern:

          “…to deprive Blacks of their civil rights across             the city of Los Angeles…”

From April 2014- January 2016, tenants who were Black moved from 1522 Hi Point St after the owner had announced primary renovations to apartments units. Of the fifteen units renovated- and over fifteen mostly Black tenants—- no tenant received the required tenant habitability application [“thp”], the city requirement for primary renovations and construction permits. This deprivation of due process rights has since been brought to the attention of two federal judges, one California Superior Court Judge, and the Los Angeles city council, county board of supervisors, and state Department of Fair Employment and Housing; I believe the local rent control board and department also acted in concert with landlords and apartment management companies to deprive Blacks of their civil rights across the city of Los Angeles.

           “…such monies were diverted to city and state                   employees so they would look the  other                               way in the denial of due process by those acting                  under color of law…”

Many Blacks I believe across the city and prior to 2015 did not receive the required THP and did not receive the required primary renovation relocation monies; I believe such monies were diverted to city and state employees so they would look the other way in the denial of due process by those acting under color of law.

“…prejudiced courts…”

I am attaching a letter from city employee Robert Galardi and my response, in an argument over why the city did not enforce the THP program, to the detriment to many tenants. City officials and code enforcement rent control department turned a blind eye when I reported this criminal fraud to them month after month after month starting in 2015 public documents and at least one city hearing; I believe Judges also participated in this deprivation of civil rights and retaliated against Blacks who complained of civil rights violations: federal Judges Andrew J. Wistrich and Julie L. Staton; state court commissioner William McTaggert, retaliated against Blacks who complained of racism and such Judges ruled in favor of racist whites, one white defendant the Judge McTaggert who favored never appeared in court, a direct throwback to prejudiced courts of the south in the 1940’s. Small claims court case Los Angeles Superior Court 17IWSC03877.

I also refer to civil rights Ku Klux Klan lawsuit central district court 2:16-cv-03236-JLS-AJW , Los Angeles, filed May 11, 2016,  to see many of the exhibits that implicate government officials. [Judges Wistrich and Staton].

           “…Property owners, management, maintenance,               management company, and government                               employees herein all falsely told tenants … they                 needed to give up  their rights from the                                “beginning of the world”…”

I include also a copy of a proposed agreement made with tenants by property owner Hi Point Apts LLC with the sanction and approval of city employees; such criminal fraud agreement proposed that tenants needed to give up their rights “from the beginning of the world” in order to vacate their unit; this is illegal because in order to vacate a  unit, you only need give the required written notice to vacate; in the case of the THP program, sign the THP request to receive permanent vacate monies; in the case of the Hi Point tenants, none of them who faced primary renovation ever waived their rights to receive the THP application because they were never given the application, and government employees were aware of the practice. Property owners, management, maintenance, management company, and government employees herein all falsely told tenants [or omitted to tell tenants the truth] they needed to give up their rights from the “beginning of the world” without telling tenants that such agreement were false and void and violated local ordinance as well as federal and state due process rights.

The persons and city employees named herein need to face criminal prosecution for civil rights violations, due process violations, criminal fraud, and violations of the city THP program due process requirements.

I believe the taking of rent monies [in my case I am a tenant who received the THP but has not vacated the unit] represents criminal fraud and criminal fraud in taking tenants property but not giving them the city required THP application.

“…The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles…”

Respondents to this complaint:

California Department of Housing and Fair Employment;Kevin Kish; Governor Jerry Brown, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council members, Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, Los Angeles Department of Code Enforcement, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County Public Health Department , Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, Hi Point Apts, LLC and Walter Barratt- 226 Carroll Canal Venice CA  (310)895-6693, Williams Real Estate Advisors Inc., Santa Monica, CA, Matt Williams-310-987-7978, LB Property Management, Inc., Mozannar Construction Company, Inc., Ali Mozannar – 818-335-8175, Resident Manager Hi Point Apts Cynthia Ogan and Darren Navis – 310-406-4075, City employees: Charles Garcia, Alan Yochelson Ali Mozannar * Angelo Shannon Arthur Belis Bryan Kirkness Byron Fuentes Charles Garcia Christine Ritsky Cynthia Ogan * Daniel Williams David Burkhead David V. Gomez David Whitehurst Denton Lorenzo Derrick Spencer Donald Matt Williams * Edward Zavala Frank Bush Gail Owsley Gary Eshay Gregory Pomish Ian Yeom Ifa Kashefi Jade Beck * James Blythe Jeffrey Fulton Jennifer Montana John Weight Karen Baggio Ken Gill LADBS Lee Smith Manuel Hernandez Martin Hurtado Mayor Eric Garcetti Michael Alvarez Michael Kuhn Michael Soto Noel Ramirez [gave final approval to intercom replacement for select tenants and excluding Black tenants] Presiliano Sandoval Raymond Chan Richard Garcia Richard Schindler Robert Aldape Robert Galardi Rushmore Cervantes Steve Davey Steve Ongle Walter Barratt * [* Agents of city rent control building owner Hi Point Apts LLC, not city employees]. Jack Upchurch, Marshall Rumpf, Rick Horn, Jesse Barboza, The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles. Commissioner William McTaggert, Judges Wistrich and Staton.

The list is growing. These are persons who have actual and constructive knowledge of and control of the criminal denial of fair housing since 2014 to Black tenants at Hi Point Apts 90035.

Please investigate and let me know the results of your findings. This list of respondents is meant to be illustrative but not inclusive. All rights reserved.


[Tenant name redacted]
1522 Hi Point St #9
Los Angeles  CA 90035

See wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stand_in_the_Schoolhouse_Door

“Standing in the Schoolhouse Door”


  • Hi Point Apts alleged Agreement to vacate to L. Sakuchi
  • 2017-3-6 Letter from HCID Galardi, Robert
  • 2017-3-23 Email Response to Galardi re THP
  • 2016-4-19 Signed labor complaint from manager L. Sakauchi- 5 pgs.

Under CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE 1 DECLARATION OF RIGHTS SEC. 7. (a) A person may not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law or denied equal protection of the laws”. The city employees and other persons named herein have participated in a denial of equal protection of the city and state fair housing ordinances and laws.

“Under CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE 1 DECLARATION OF RIGHTS SEC. 31. (a) The State shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.” [emphasis added] [emphasis added]

[Editor: This email has been redacted and also forwarded to the IFB. This email is a public record.]

The tenant for life ordinance.

As told to the Los Angeles City government August 2019.

 Communications with city employees

Denial of housing services

* The intercom system unit 9 and outside the building is unusable.

* The intercom needs repair

* Unit 9 tenants are still being denied a tandem parking stall

* The back interior stairs remain unstable and need repair as they are dangerous wobble when walking on them

1 Response to Letter to Senator Holly J. Mitchell

  1. SANTA MONICA/LOS ANGELES – In an email dated Jan 5, 2018 and forwarded to Mayor Eric Garcetti on January 6, 2018, whites Matt Williams, Matt Johnson, Jade Beck, Jonathan Schwartz, Theresa Ryan, Abigail Adams, Adrian Snow, Sabrain Schloss, Rigo Ramirez, Albert Cervantes, Hi Point Apts LLC, and Cynthia Ogan have told Mayor Garcetti the state DFEH, DLSE, two federal judges, one state judge and the Los Angeles Department of Housing have a pattern and practice that denies Black Americans full and equal housing services. But whites lost their court bid to access the Black tenants $25,000 because they complained about racism. Welcome to America


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