You are invited: showdown Jan 31 at 1522 Hi Point St Apts 90035

Los Angeles- City code enforcement and the Rent Stabilization department have been unable to get Black tenants a working intercom at this address but tenants who are white—for fifteen units—have had a working intercom for over two years. Blacks have been without intercom service for almost four years. Complaints have met on deaf ears. City inspectors have been on the property over 25 times since 2014 and three different inspections occurred around June-July 2017 but still the intercom remains unusable and Black tenants have not received a working intercom. As a result of numerous new complaints, again the code enforcement will come out Jan. 31 at 9:30 a.m. Black Lives Matter, the new Black Panthers, all  civil rights groups, everyone is invited to ask the $100,000 per year code inspectors why they believe Blacks are not entitled to “full and equal housing services” [state Unruh Act]. Black tenants have said the inspectors, “Lie, cheat, and steal” and benefit from tenant’s rent money while tenants are denied repairs. The tenant asked “What will make Jan. 31 any different from all the other inspections where code enforcement will make up more bullshit excuses why they feel Blacks are not entitled to maintenance.” This is a rent controlled building.

City inspectors refuse to acknowledge that Black tenants are entitled to maintenance under the rent agreement the same as whites, and that it was the City who approved in 2015 a written decision ordering the owner to do complete plumbing and electrical redo which would include a new intercom for Black tenants.

[Editor: see this website for the   Code enforcement complaints re 1522 Hi Point Street 90035    ]

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